Canidae Cat Food Review 2024

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Written by a Labrador Retriever lover Tim Falk

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Published: 02/23/2024, edited: 05/08/2024

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Canidae is not just the name of the biological family that includes dogs, it’s also the name of a well-known pet food brand. And while its name might suggest that it’s only focused on dog food, this US manufacturer also produces a range of cat food.

Canidae says its focus is on “sustainable goodness”, not just for pets but for the planet as a whole. It aims to use wholesome, premium ingredients to provide the nutrition your cat needs, while at the same time sourcing sustainable ingredients to help look after the environment.

But is Canidae the best choice for your fur-baby? Keep reading for a detailed look at the Canidae cat food range, including its pros and cons, customer reviews, and recall history.

Canidae cat food product ranges and flavors

The Canidae cat food range features a variety of dry and wet recipes spread across 2 product lines that feature premium proteins and wholesome veggies: PURE and Goodness. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these lines has to offer.


Canidae Goodness Cat Food

Canidae Goodness Cat Food

Goodness line

Canidae Goodness cat food is designed to provide wholesome nutrition for your pet using responsibly sourced ingredients. Formulated with a veterinary nutritionist, these recipes don’t feature any corn, wheat, or soy.

First up are 4 dry foods, each of which is designed to meet a specific nutritional need. The Indoor Cats Formula provides protein to support a healthy weight, and fiber to help your cat feel filler for longer. The Digestion Formula boasts probiotics to support gut health, while the Skin & Coat Formula is a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to maintain a shiny coat. Finally, the Joints Formula features glucosamine and chondroitin to promote strong joints and cartilage.

Next up are 3 Balanced Bowl wet recipes that are inspired by home-cooked meals. They combine high-quality animal protein with wholesome veggies, and all meet the AAFCO nutritional levels for maintenance. They’re served in gravy for extra palatability and can be fed as a complete and balanced meal or as a topper.

The foods in the Goodness range are:

Dry foods:

  • Goodness Indoor Cats Formula with Real Whitefish
  • Goodness Digestion Formula with Real Chicken
  • Goodness Skin & Coat Formula with Real Salmon
  • Goodness Joints Formula with Real Salmon

Wet foods:

  • Balanced Bowl Chicken & Pumpkin Recipe
  • Balanced Bowl Tuna & Carrots Recipe
  • Balanced Bowl Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

Canidae PURE Cat Food

Canidae PURE Cat Food

PURE line (also referred to as Adore)

The PURE range is Canidae’s limited-ingredient product line. It features recipes crafted with quality protein sources, a host of essential nutrients, and never more than 10 ingredients. The first ingredient is real meat or fish, and all 7 recipes are grain-free, designed to suit pets with sensitivities to certain ingredients.

There’s no corn, wheat, or soy in these recipes, and animal proteins are paired with ingredients like sweet potatoes and chickpeas. Recipes are also a good source of omega fatty acids for skin and coat health, and include taurine to support a healthy heart and vision.

The products in the PURE range are:

Dry foods:

  • Grain Free Chicken Recipe
  • Grain Free Salmon Recipe
  • Grain Free Healthy Weight Tuna Recipe

Wet foods:

  • Grain Free Tuna, Chicken and Mackerel in Broth
  • Grain Free Tuna, Chicken and Whitefish in Broth
  • Grain Free Sardine and Mackerel in Broth
  • Grain Free Salmon and Whitefish in Broth

Freeze-Dried Raw meal topper and treat:

  • 3-in-1 Goodness Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Liver

Why Wag! likes Canidae cat food

Vet recommended

Dr. Georgia Jeremiah, pet nutrition expert and one of Wag!’s veterinary consultants, recommends Canidae cat food to her clients. “Canidae offers premium wet and dry grain-free recipes, featuring premium proteins in limited ingredient formulas, with real meat and no fillers like corn, wheat, soy, or animal byproduct meals,” she says. “Their variety of recipes caters to picky eaters, and formulations by veterinary nutritionists aim to enhance digestion, skin, and coat health.”

Wide range of products and flavors

There’s plenty of choice in the Canidae cat food range. So, if your cat is a picky eater or you just like to give them plenty of variety in their diet, you’ll be able to find what they need from this brand.

Recipes to suit specific health issues

The Canidae range also has products designed to meet the nutritional needs of a wide range of felines. While there are some recipes designed to meet the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance, there are also formulas that feature ingredients to help promote proper digestion, support skin and coat health, support strong joints, and keep your cat in a healthy weight range.

Made in the USA

Canidae dry food recipes are made in the USA, providing peace of mind for pet parents. The company produces kibble at its own plant in Brownwood, Texas, while its wet food is produced at partner facilities across the US.

Environmental focus

Canidae also highlights its commitment to sustainability. This includes using regeneratively farmed grains and vegetables for its cat and dog food products, and introducing the use of recycled materials across its pre-packaged products.

Concerns & considerations

Negative customer reviews

Canidae has picked up some negative customer reviews online. On, it has an average rating of 1 out of 5 stars from over 1,700 reviews.

Not popular with some picky eaters

Some pet parents have reported that their cat didn’t want to eat some Canidae recipes. Cats can be notoriously fussy eaters, but your pet may need to sample a few products to find something they like.

A little expensive

Canidae is far from the most expensive cat food brand on the market, but there are cheaper options available. For example, a 10 lb bag of the PURE limited-ingredient salmon recipe retails for around $30 online, or $3 per pound. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll need to consider other options.

What pet parents say about Canidae cat food

“My cat was having some stomach problems so one of my friends suggested switching to this food because it has limited ingredients. So glad I tried it! Minnie has been eating this food for 2 years now and absolutely loves it. Her stomach issues cleared up and she is now as healthy as can be. We love supplementing her diet with the salmon and sweet potato wet food!”

“My cats were each born with a single kidney. On top of that, my girl has digestive issues that cause frequent vomiting. This food has helped immensely. In fact, I have to use slow-feed bowls or the cats eat it too quickly! They love it and I’m thrilled with the improvements to their health. I do feed a mix of wet and dry, but I went through 8 dry foods to find one that works for my babies and this was it.”

Read more reviews on Chewy.

Canidae history

Canidae was founded in California by two friends, Scott Whipple and John Gordon, in 1996. The two met while working at a pet supply store known as San Dimas Grain Company. As pet parents themselves, Whipple and Gordon wanted to create a pet food that didn’t contain any chemicals, preservatives, or other nasties. Canidae was the result, and the company took ownership of a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Brownwood, Texas, in 2012.

“Animals aren’t just pets, you know? They’re part of our family. People entrust us and we don’t take that lightly,” Whipple says in this promotional video.

Canidae recalls

The only recall in Canidae’s history occurred back in 2012. The brand issued a voluntary recall of 4 dry dog foods due to potential Salmonella contamination at Diamond Pet Foods’ South Carolina manufacturing facility.

All product images sourced from the Chewy website. Copyright Canidae.


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