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Meet Wag!'s Veterinary Consultants


Wag! partners with veterinary technicians, surgeons, doctors, and other licensed professionals to bring you clear, accurate, and evidence-based pet health and wellness content. These partnerships also help us provide convenient pet care solutions like Wag! Vet Chat, an affordable online vet chat service with an average response time of just 6 minutes.

Scroll on to meet the furrific team of veterinary professionals who work with Wag!.

Meet Dr. Linda Simon MRCVS MVB

headshot of veterinary surgeon, Dr. Linda Simon MRCVS MVB, framed in a navy blue, wavy circle frame against a blurred background of a clinic

Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS is a small animal veterinary surgeon who graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2013. She was top of her class in small animal medicine and has a special interest in dermatology, endocrinology, and geriatric care. After graduation, she moved to London and has worked as a locum in a variety of clinics.

She is a keen pet health writer and contributes to a range of publications, including Woman Magazine, Vet Help Direct, and DogZone. She also works for the website JustAnswer, providing online pet advice.

To get the scoop on what Dr. Linda's job involves, we interviewed her for our guide, "Ask a Vet: What Do Veterinarians Do?" Check it out to learn more about Dr. Linda's expertise!

Meet Dr. Michele King, DVM

headshot of veterinarian, Dr. Michele King DMV, framed in a navy blue, wavy circle frame against a blurred background of a clinic

Dr. Michele King practices small animal medicine in south Texas. She shares her time with her 3 small dogs and her cat, and enjoys being outdoors in her free time.

Dr. King has worked with Wag! since 2016 answering pet health questions on our website.

Meet Dr. Georgia Jeremiah, BSc (Hons) BvetMed (Hons)

headshot of veterinarian, Dr. Georgia Jeremiah BSc BvetMed, framed in a navy blue, wavy circle frame against a blurred background of a clinic

Dr. Georgia Jeremiah practices as an emergency veterinary surgeon and pet wellness consultant. She's also the Head of Veterinarian and Retail Partnerships here at Wag!. She's provided invaluable feedback on our dog food reviews, and she also approved our paw rating system.

She graduated at the top of her class with a first-class Honors degree in comparative pathology and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the Royal Veterinary College of London. She has field experience in anatomic and clinical pathology, studying disease processes in a multitude of species and has research publications in the fields of immunology, pharmacology, neurology, and parasitology.

Dr. Georgia also has a clinical and practicing interest in nutrition, specifically the benefits of dietary supplementation and modification to the wellbeing of her patients. She is an integrative practitioner in Western and Eastern medicine.

She lives with her husband Alex and their cheeky one-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, Charles.

About Wag!'s veterinary review process

While most of our health content is written by experienced writers and devoted pet parents just like you, it's also reviewed and fact-checked by the veterinarians we work with.

Whenever we publish a new health or wellness article on our site, we submit it for a vet review. We're also working on updating our extensive library of health and wellness content to ensure all info is accurate, vet-approved, and easy for the average pet parent to understand.

Check out some of our most pawpular vet-reviewed articles!

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Take a look at your wag walking notes... When you discuss hypophosphatemia you mentioned that Addison's is hyperadrenicorticism.... I challenge you to take a look at that.... I suspect a scrivener's error....

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My 8 year old GSD was diagnosed with Malignant Pilomatricoma last week. Are you familiar with any new treatment plans for this cancer?
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