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Written by a Labrador Retriever lover Tim Falk

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Published: 04/11/2023, edited: 03/05/2024

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Open Farm is a pet food brand that’s all about caring for your pet and caring for the environment at the same time. This premium brand aims to provide high-quality nutrition for dogs and cats using sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

Open Farm even allows pet parents to trace all the ingredients in each bag back to their individual origin, so Open Farm’s range of dog food products is well worth a look if you’re concerned about what’s in your dog’s bowl.

In our Open Farm dog food review, we’ll break down the brand's range of dry, wet, freeze-dried raw, and fresh food to help you decide whether it’s right for your pet.

Open Farm dog food product ranges and flavors

Open Farm offers a wide variety of dry, wet, freeze-dried, and fresh foods for dogs, not to mention bone broths, supplements, and treats as well. Let’s take a closer look at the flavors and variations.

Open Farm dry food

Open Farm’s dry foods are designed to be high in protein and low in carbs. They include 4 product ranges:

  • Grain-Free: If you want to feed a grain-free diet to your dog, Open Farm Grain-Free dry dog food is available in 10 different recipes. Protein sources range from humanely raised chicken and beef to turkey and venison, and the range includes products designed to suit the nutritional needs of puppies, senior dogs, and small breeds.

  • Ancient Grains: This Open Farm range features nutrient-packed ancient grains like oats and quinoa. There are 8 flavors in the range, plus a formula specifically for small breeds and a high-protein recipe for puppies.

  • Kind Earth: Designed for eco-conscious buyers, the Open Farm Kind Earth range features a Premium Plant Recipe that doesn’t use any animal ingredients, and an Insect Recipe that features dried black soldier fly larvae.

  • RawMix: The RawMix range features kibble coated in a bone broth and freeze-dried raw blend, with extra chunks of raw meat. There are 6 flavors in total, 3 of which are grain-free and another 3 featuring ancient grains.

Each product line offers a range of flavors, like beef, chicken, turkey, venison, fish, and more.

Open Farm wet food

If you’re searching for a high-quality wet food for your pup, Open Farm provides a variety of Rustic Stews. Each recipe uses human-grade ingredients and a mix of ethically sourced meat, fruit, and vegetables, with no grains or potatoes included. You can use them to provide a complete meal for adult dogs, or as a topper on your dog’s kibble.

We like Open Farm's wet dog food range so much, we rated it one of the best overall wet dog foods!

Open Farm’s 6 wet foods are available in the following flavors:

  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Harvest Chicken
  • Homestead Turkey
  • Wild-caught Salmon
  • Chicken & Salmon
  • Herring & Mackerel

Open Farm freeze-dried raw food

Open Farm’s freeze-dried range is designed to make it easy and convenient to feed raw food to your dog. These recipes include as much as 95% meat, organ, and bones, with the food available as “Dinner Patties” that can be fed as a complete and balanced meal, or as other recipes that can be fed as toppers or as complete and balanced meals.

Open Farm’s 6 freeze-dried raw foods are available in the following flavors:

  • Surf & Turf (beef and salmon) (also available as Dinner Patties)
  • Grass-fed Beef (also available as Dinner Patties)
  • Homestead Turkey (also available as Dinner Patties)
  • Harvest Chicken (also available as Dinner Patties)
  • Farmer’s Table Pork
  • Pasture-raised Lamb

Open Farm fresh food

Open Farm fresh food is slow-cooked to eliminate nasty bacteria and uses 100% human-grade ingredients. Designed for pet parents who don’t have the time to prepare fresh food for their dogs at home, these fresh recipes are sold in recyclable packages.

We ranked Open Farm as one of the best overall fresh dog food brands.

Open Farm’s 5 fresh foods are available in the following flavors and variations:

  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Homestead Turkey 
  • Harvest Chicken
  • Surf & Turf (beef and salmon)
  • Puppy Gently Cooked Recipe

Open Farm bone broth

Open Farm also offers 3 bone broth recipes for when you want to add an extra boost of flavor and nutrition to your dog's dinner. Each broth is a good source of collagen, is made with humanely raised protein sources, and contains added nutrients from ingredients like pumpkin and carrots.

The 3 bone broth flavors to choose from are:

  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Harvest Chicken
  • Homestead Turkey

Open Farm supplements

Next, Open Farm offers a selection of 5 chewable supplements to help target specific nutritional needs. For example, the Probiotic supplement contains pumpkin for fiber as well as 7 active probiotics, while the Hip & Joint supplement features anti-inflammatory turmeric and green-lipped mussel.

Supplements are made with traceable ingredients and are available in the following options:

  • Probiotic
  • Skin & Coat
  • Immune
  • Calming
  • Hip & Joint

Open Farm treats

Finally, Open Farm also offers 3 product lines of treats for when you want to spoil your fur-baby with a special reward. You can choose from:

  • Jerky Strips. These grain-free strips are soft, chewy, and made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Choose from Wild-caught Salmon, Grass-fed Beed, Chicken, and Turkey.
  • Be Good Bites. These soft and chewy treats are designed to be used during training. Available flavors are Grass-fed Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Insect & Wholesome Grain, and Plant & Pumpkin.
  • Dehydrated Treats. These high-protein treats are available in varieties ranging from soft to extra-crunchy. Available flavors are Cod, Cod Skins, Beef, Chicken, and Turkey. 

golden dog eating dog food from a stainless steel dog food bowl

golden dog eating dog food from a stainless steel dog food bowl

Why Wag! likes Open Farm

There are lots of “grrreat” reasons why we like Open Farm.

Caters to your pup's nutritional needs

First and foremost, it’s all about nutrition. Each recipe starts with a high-quality protein source, then features a mix of human-grade fruit and veggies to give dogs the nutrition they need at whatever life stage.

Offers a wide range of products

There’s something in the Open Farm range to suit just about every pooch. Whether you want to feed your dog wet or dry food, a raw diet, fresh food, or even cuisine designed to align with your environmental views, Open Farm has got you covered.

Provides transparency on ingredient quality and sourcing

We love the fact that Open Farm allows you to trace each ingredient in its food back to the source. Using the Lot Code on your Open Farm dog food bag, you can see exactly where the food your dog is eating came from. It’s great for peace of mind, and something we’d like to see from more pet food manufacturers.

Puts animal welfare first

Open Farm is also strongly committed to animal welfare. With Open Farm foods carrying the Certified Humane and Ocean Wise labels, and with all farms that supply meat ingredients audited to meet animal welfare standards, animal lovers can feel good about feeding Open Farm to their pets.

white and brown jack russell dog sitting in front of a stainless steel dog food bowl licking their lips

white and brown jack russell dog sitting in front of a stainless steel dog food bowl licking their lips

Concerns & considerations

Now that you know a few reasons why we consider Open Farm a 5-star dog food, let's take a look at some considerations you should know before you buy.

A little pricey

The number-one consideration with Open Farm dog food for many pet parents will be the price. As this is a premium dog food, you can expect to pay more for Open Farm food than you would for many other brands.

Using the Grain-Free Grass-Fed Beef Recipe as an example, a 22-pound bag retails for $96.99. That works out to $4.41 per pound — compare that to the per-pound price of the food you currently feed your fur-baby to work out if it represents value for money. Check out our budget-friendly dog foods for more affordable brands.

Multiple protein sources

Another factor to consider is that many Open Farm recipes feature multiple protein sources. While that won’t be a concern for many pet parents, it may be a sticking point if your dog has food allergies or sensitivities and needs a diet with limited ingredients.

Limited choice of foods for specific life stages

Finally, while there are some recipes available for puppies, seniors, and small breeds, you might find a greater choice of recipes from some other brands.

What pet parents say about Open Farm

“My dog transitioned to adult food this month and I researched every kind of dog food to lock in on Open Farm. I like the clear ingredient list and responsible practice, and my dog likes the taste."

"Easy transition from our previous dry dog food to this food. My labs love it. We feel good about feeding them a healthier option. Price is very reasonable."

"My dogs have sensitive stomachs and allergies, specifically to beef and chicken. They seem to enjoy the taste and it hasn’t caused any stomach upset. I love that the ingredients are all sustainably sourced."

Read more reviews of Open Farm dog food on the Open Farm website.

Open Farm brand history

Open Farm was founded in 2014 in Toronto, Canada, by Jacqueline Prehogan and Isaac Langleben. The wife-and-husband team started their pet food journey in 2011 after adopting a rescue dog, Bella. Jacqueline started searching for a food that would provide premium nutrition for Bella, but that would align with Jacqueline’s own values at the same time.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any food with ingredients that matched her animal welfare and sustainability standards. “As an animal lover, not only did I want to provide my pet with the highest quality food, but I also wanted to ensure that it was made ethically, sourced from humane family farms that treated their animals with respect,” Jacqueline explains on the Open Farm website.

Jacqueline teamed up with Isaac and her brother-in-law Derek to start researching what it would take to develop pet food that provided high-quality nutrition while living up to high ethical standards. Open Farm was the result, and the brand launched in Canada first before expanding to the US, Australia, and parts of Asia.

Open Farm recall history

Open Farm has never been recalled, which is good news for pet parents who want to make sure their dog is only fed safe ingredients.

All product images sourced from the Open Farm website. Copyright Open Farm.


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