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Written by Kevin Hughes

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Published: 05/28/2024, edited: 05/28/2024

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Supreme Source isn’t shy about citing its credentials, with the packaging on its recipes labeled as ‘Super Premium Dog Food’. That suggests this is a top-quality brand, using only the finest canine-friendly ingredients. But, is Supreme Source good dog food?

In this dog food review, we’ll take a more detailed look at the recipes available from the brand, what makes the food appealing, and note any concerns or things to consider before buying.

We’ll also share more information on the history of Supreme Source, and see what pet parents have been saying about the food by checking on some Supreme Source dog food reviews.

Supreme Source dog food ranges and flavors

Supreme Source doesn’t have a vast range of dog food recipes. Just six, and all dry food that’s grain-free; products don’t contain any corn, wheat or soy, so dogs with digestive issues or food allergies may benefit from being on a Supreme Source diet.

In fact, we’ve seen several reviews from pet parents sharing that their previously picky pup has taken a liking to Supreme Source dog food.

Supreme Source Dog Food

Supreme Source Dog Food

In all six recipes, you’ll see meat or fish is the first ingredient, so that’s a big thumbs up from us. However, only on two of those is that real meat. Beef, Chicken Meal and Lentil has real beef as the lead ingredient, while Pork, Peas and Wild Boar lists pork as its first ingredient. The other four feature meat or fish meal, which is clearly included in the title. 

For example, with the Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato recipe — fish meal heads the ingredient list. Providing almost 300% more protein compared to fresh fish, fish meal certainly has its benefits but still tends to divide opinion as to whether it’s a better alternative.

It’s interesting to note, though, that the Supreme Source salmon dog food recipe contains approximately 26% protein, the same as the pork recipe.

Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato also includes Chicken Meal, as well as faba beans, lentils, peas, sweet potatoes and chickpeas as its prime ingredients.

All recipes also have a rather unusual ingredient — dried seaweed meal. Supreme Source say they source this from the Nova Scotia coast, and that it’s a rich source of nutrients.

The full range of recipes and flavors of Supreme Source dog food are:

  • Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato
  • Turkey Meal and Sweet Potato
  • Lamb Meal and Potato
  • Pork, Peas and Wild Boar
  • Beef, Chicken Meal and Lentil
  • Chicken, Apple and Carrot 

Why Wag! likes Supreme Source dog food

Suitable for picky eaters

Every dog is different, of course, and there’s never a guarantee that a particular dog food will be a hit. But, looking at customer reviews for Supreme Source, it’s clear that many pet parents have reported that their notoriously fussy or picky eaters have enjoyed Supreme Source, when they’ve previously turned their noses up at other brands of dog food.

Natural ingredients only

We like Supreme Source recipes because they’re transparent about what’s exactly in the food. Its Guaranteed Analysis section on every label gives information on the levels of protein, fat, fiber and moisture in each recipe. Supreme Source uses all-natural ingredients, which they say are sourced from ‘trusted farmers’.

Crafted in the US

All Supreme Source dog food recipes are made in the US, though some ingredients are sourced from elsewhere. All food meets AAFCO, FDA and USDA standards and follows strict safety protocols — there have been no instances of Supreme Source dog food recall.

Considerations & concerns

No non-chicken alternatives

Chicken-based recipes tend to dominate the dog food market, but not all dogs can eat chicken — poultry allergies aren’t unusual. At first glance, the Supreme Source range seems to have four recipes that aren’t primarily chicken-flavored but a closer look at the ingredients reveals that they all have either chicken meal or chicken fat in them.

Grain free recipes only

All six Supreme Source dog food recipes are grain-free. That’s not necessarily a negative — discussions around whether you should feed your dog a grain-free diet and whether dogs need grain are always a talking point. But the fact is, that if your dog needs grains in their diet, Supreme Source simply won’t be an option.

Small kibble may not suit larger breeds

Some reviews of Supreme Source’s food have remarked on the size of the kibble in some recipes. It’s a smaller size, which makes it ideal for small breeds of dog but perhaps less so for medium or larger breeds who may prefer bigger, chunkier, types of kibble. Not a major concern, but something to consider based on customer feedback.

What pet parents say about Supreme Source

“Finally, a food that helps my (dog’s) digestive system. I have struggled finding the right food even taking him to the vet who thought he (needed) probiotics. I tried several different ones including a supplement which seemed to work for a while but then right back to bad poop. Since using Supreme Source which I stumbled upon we have a regular dog. Happy pup means Happy mom.”

“My 12 year-old lab mix wasn't interested in his regular food so I tried this one. He loves it and I think the small pieces are easier for him to eat. His coat looks better and his discoid lupus, which makes his nose dry and cracked, cleared up, too!”

Read more reviews on Chewy.

Supreme Source history

Supreme Source is one of a number of pet food brands owned by American Pet Nutrition. Those other brands include Vita Bone, Beggar Dog, Pro-Source Dog Food, TriPro Pet Food, Farm Style Pet Food, Atta Boy! Dog Food and Maintain Chunks Dog Food. There’s also Atta Cat! Cat Food.

A family run business, it was founded by Jack Behnken in 1972 and launched with the motto, ‘Do It Better’. 

Animal Pet Nutrition is based in Layton, Utah, USA.

Supreme Source recall history

As of December 2023, there have been no instances of a Supreme Source dog food recall. To stay updated on dog food recalls, our online partners Dog Food Advisor have a free dog food recall alert service. Sign up for that here.

Product images sourced from Chewy. Copyright American Pet Nutrition.


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