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Can Dogs See Jinns?



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Can Dogs See Jinns?


There is no doubt that dogs have heightened senses as compared to humans. They can pick up a scent from a greater distance and also have sharper hearing. As a dog owner, it is likely that you have seen your dog bark at a seemingly empty space and without provocation. Is he barking at something paranormal? What about jinns? 

Most people confuse jinns with ghosts. Jinns originate from Arabian folklore, particularly Middle Eastern literature. The word itself means concealment; jinns are presumed to be invisible to humans by default, and more visible to animals - particularly, dogs.


Signs Your Dog is Seeing Jinns

You are sound asleep and suddenly your doggo starts making a noise. You notice that he is staring at a specific spot, but when you look, nothing is there. You call out your pooch’s name but they are alert, almost distracted by something in that spot. Now, this may not be a frequent occurrence, and thus, you start assuming they're seeing a jinn.

Almost suddenly, their attitude changes and they become playful, tilting their head as if they are listening intently to someone. Again, you see or hear nothing, and the whole scenario begins feeling a little creepy. Without warning, your dog starts barking, catching you by surprise. 

This particular pattern of behavior is common with dogs that seem to be interacting with an invisible source. Given that dogs are believed to pick up vibes and energies, you can’t rule out the possibility of them seeing jinns. Jinns, by their nature, are invisible. Dogs are highly perceptive and thereby more likely to spot the jinns. Your dog can sense the energies jinns, and feel anxious or even disturbed, at the prospect of dealing with the jinn.

Body Language

1Here are a few signs that your dog is seeing a jinn:

  • Alert
  • Head Tilting
  • Wag Tail

Other Signs

Here are some additional signs that your dog can perceive the presence of jinns:

  • Barking At Nothing
  • Listening Intently Without You Hearing Anything
  • Requiring Comfort

History of Dogs Sensing Jinns


During the pre-Islamic period, many people in the Arab world worshipped Jinns. Jinns are prominently mentioned in the Holy Quran and other Abrahamic religious texts. It is stated in the text that any person who hears a dog barking at night should seek solace from God because the animal is seeing something humans cannot.

The term ‘jinn’ was widely used during that period, indicating demons and monsters in texts related to different cultures and religions. Jinns are also believed to take on the form of different animals, in particular, black dogs. Hence, dogs are able to perceive them more commonly than us humans.

Arabic folklore also suggests that Jinns take on the form of multiple creatures at the same time, a sort of half-human, half-animal hybrid. The appearance and vibe from these jinns has been unsettling our doggy pals throughout history.

Science of Dogs Seeing Jinns


Relating the existence of jinns to science can be a potential banana peel. The science vs. religion debate directly conflicts with the origins of Jinn in Islamic texts. While scientists may attempt to deny their existence, people have reported witnessing and sensing their presence over centuries. The religious text in the Holy Quran describes jinns as being made of “smokeless fire”. Now however that translates into the scientific world, dogs would probably pick up on any energy that may come from potential supernatural elements, such as jinns.

The most common sign of this is them barking or staring at empty spaces. Also, dogs react differently to jinns as compared to spirits and ghosts. Religious sources maintain that jinns can be both good and bad. But it is the evil ones that share the limelight as they allegedly try to enter the human dimension. Such jinns might produce bad vibes that dogs feel disturbed by. Dog owners can see their pets feeling anxious and almost whimpering with fear in such cases. The behavior of their pet is akin to when they sense fear and require comforting.

There is no concrete evidence to suggest the presence of jinns. However, many dog owners, especially in Arab world and Indian subcontinent, report behavior that support the theory of jinns. It is likely that they can sense the (often negative) energy of jinns, causing dogs to start howling or moaning.

Training Your Dog to Detect Jinns


While jinns remain obscure for the most part, at least when compared to ghosts, dogs can prove helpful in detecting their presence. The ability of dogs to perceive these invisible creatures makes them invaluable for people who are into the supernatural and want to ward off evil spirits. 

The techniques used for dealing with jinns range from high-tech equipment to the old-fashioned holy water. Dogs can lend their paws by leading the experts to the jinns, rather than the experts discovering them by chance. Give your pet the run of the place when you head to a haunted house that you want to explore to find any jinns lurking about. 

The key to training your dog for seeing jinns is similar to the way you would be for any other supernatural entity. You have to prepare yourself to deal with an excitable dog and a situation you have never experienced before. The last thing you should do is react with panic. Let your dog do what they need to for coming to terms with the presence of the jinn. 

Also, creating a routine can help. Take your dog to the spot where they tend to show the signs of seeing a jinn and observe if that happens every time.

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By Fatima Mansoor

Published: 06/26/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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