Can Dogs Sense Negative Energy?

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Negative energy can come from many sources including the people around you. When someone gives off negative energy or creates a negative atmosphere, you can often sense it in the air. However, it is not just you that can sense this negative energy from people and in certain environments. Dogs are extremely adepts at sensing negative energy and this can impact on the way they behave and react. When there is negative energy in the room or coming from a person, you will notice that your dog’s behavior and actions also tend to be negative ones because of their ability to pick up on this energy.

Introduction of Can Dogs Sense Negative Energy?

Signs Your Dog Senses Negative Energy

If your dog senses negative energy, it will generally react and behave accordingly. There are a number of key signs that your dog may display when it senses negative energy. This can depend on the nature and personality of the dog amongst other things. Some will display signs that are of a more nervous or even fearful nature while others will be more aggressive as a result of the negative energy they sense. We know that dogs are very good at sensing good and bad, and they can often tell immediately if a person has good or bad intentions just from things such as their body language and tone of voice.

Some dogs may show signs such as tail tucking, hiding, whining, and backing away from a person if they sense any negative energy around them. With other dogs, signs may include raised hackles, growling, snapping, exposed teeth, and circling. All of these signs can indicate that your dog is sensing some sort of negative energy, which is why they are all negative signs. You won’t find dogs jumping up happily or wagging their tail if they sense negative energy from a person or in the environment they are in. 

Body Language

As you can see, the signs that dogs display when they sense negative energy can vary based on the personality and nature of the dog. The same goes when it comes to the body language that our four-legged friends display when they sense this type of energy. Some dogs may back away from the person or situation, pace, become submissive, tail tuck, and even tremble and whimper. More confident dogs may show more aggressive body language such as edging toward the person, holding their head low as though to attack, intently staring, and raising the hair on their back. 

  • Staring
  • Shaking
  • Back hair on edge
  • Tail tucking

Other Signs

There are various other signs to look out for when it comes to your dog sensing negative energy. Some of these include reluctance to go near a certain person or into a particular situation. Some dogs may also stick close to their owners when sensing this type of negativity.
  • Staying close to its owner
  • Reluctance to go into a particular environment
  • Reluctance to near someone

History of Dogs Sensing Negative Energy

History of Can Dogs Sense Negative Energy?

We know from historical research that dogs can sense and pick up on things that we cannot. Even if you are able to sense something in the atmosphere or from a person, you will not sense it to the degree a dog will. Not only do dogs sense negative energy but they also use their excellent hearing and smell to help them to detect it. According to experts, dogs are able to pick up on negative energy from the way in which a person speaks and their body language. Our pooches are very adept at picking up on negativity, and through these methods, they are able to assess a variety of situations.

It is important to remember that research has shown dogs can detect different types of energy with ease. They can certainly pick up on things such as negative energy way before we can, which is why you may sometimes see your dog acting strangely even though you may believe everything is perfectly normal. Whether it is due to a particular person or the atmosphere in general, the chances are that your dog has picked up on negative energy that you have not yet spotted. 

Why Do Dogs Sense Negative Energy?

Science of Can Dogs Sense Negative Energy?

So, what makes our adorable fur-balls so adept at sensing negative energy? Well, our dogs are not psychic and do not have some sort of sixth sense, as some dog owners like to believe. What they do have is an excellent sense of smell and hearing, an extraordinary ability to pick up on different tones and body language from humans, and an inate ability to sense emotions. They are able to use all of these in combination to sense when there is negative energy around, and this is something that they then respond to even though you, as the owner, may think there is nothing amiss. 

What You Should Do

Training of Can Dogs Sense Negative Energy?

As a dog owner, you may be wondering whether your dog can sense negativity. Well, the chances are that they can do this quite easily but you may not always realize it. The easiest way to gauge whether your dog is able to pick up on negativity is by testing it on people with negative emotions. This isn't a recommendation to start a fight, but rather a chance to see if your dog picks up on changes in energy! If you know a few people who tend to be more naturally negative and this is a great way to test whether your dog senses negative energy.

All you need to do is monitor and make a note of the way your dog acts when it is around people that are positive. You will find that when your pooch is around positive people, its reactions will also most likely be very positive. This could include tail wagging, jumping, licking, play bowing, barking with excitement, and being very playful. You should then monitor what your dog is like around the negative person you know and you will be amazed at the difference in its reactions and behavior. When your dog is around the negative person, it will sense the negative energy that comes from them. It will, therefore, display many of the signs that are outlined above.

You should avoid having positive and negative people in your home at the same time if you want to gauge your dog’s behavior. This is because your dog will most likely dedicate itself to hanging around the positive person so you won’t get to see the true reactions of it being around someone that is negative. 

Tips to Monitor Your Dog

  • See how it acts differently around a negative person
  • See how your dog reacts around a positive person