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Previcox is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat pain and inflammation following surgery and in dogs with osteoarthritis. A prescription medication, Previcox is a chewable tablet and given once daily.

If your veterinarian has prescribed this medication for your pet, keep reading to find out about the recommended dosage, efficacy, drug interactions, and safety of Previcox for dogs.


Previcox is a chewable tablet. The recommended dosage amount is 2.27 mg/lb (5.0mg/kg) once daily. For dogs with osteoarthritis, administer Previcox as needed and according to your vet’s instructions. 

Previcox for dogs also treats postoperative pain and inflammation related to soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery. You can also give Previcox approximately 2 hours before surgery and for up to 3 days after surgery.

Dogs can take Previcox with or without food. Never change the amount of Previcox you give to your dog without speaking to your veterinarian.


Previcox is an NSAID used to treat postoperative pain and inflammation and manage pain and inflammation in dogs with osteoarthritis. It works by inhibiting the production of chemicals known as prostaglandins and features firocoxib as its active ingredient.

The prescribing information for Previcox provides details of several field studies conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of the medication. These include:

  • In a study of 249 dogs, pets were assessed for lameness, pain on manipulation, range of motion, joint swelling, and overall improvement. At the end of the study, 87% of owners rated dogs treated with Previcox as improved, while veterinarians rated 88% of Previcox-treated dogs as improved.

  • In a separate study, 258 dogs received Previcox or a control following soft-tissue therapy. Dogs treated with Previcox had a significantly lower need for rescue medication than those pets that needed the control.

  • In a study of postoperative pain and inflammation in 226 dogs following orthopedic surgery, dogs who received Previcox had a significantly lower need for rescue medication than those dogs who received the control.

A study into the long-term efficacy and safety of firocoxib, the active ingredient in Previcox, saw dogs treated with 5mg/kg firocoxib once a day for 52 weeks. Results showed that 82% of the dogs had improved by day 15, 84% by day 90, and 96% of the dogs who completed the trial had improved by day 360. However, 5.1% of dogs enrolled in the study were later withdrawn due to gastrointestinal side effects.

Active ingredients in Previcox


Side effects

Like other NSAIDs, Previcox for dogs may cause side effects for your pet. These can include:

If your pet experiences any side effects of Previcox, stop treatment and consult your veterinarian immediately.


Previcox for dogs can interact with other medications and also may not be suitable for dogs with some specific health conditions. That’s why your veterinarian will need to examine your dog and know their full medical history, including any medications they’re currently taking, before prescribing Previcox.

Drug interactions 

Previcox for dogs may interact with the following drugs:

  • Aspirin

  • Other NSAIDs

  • Corticosteroids (such as cortisone and prednisone)

The prescribing information sheet for Previcox also explains that the concomitant use of protein-bound drugs with Previcox has not been studied in dogs.

With this in mind, make sure you inform your veterinarian of all medications your pet is currently taking.

Allergic reactions and sensitivity

Do not give this medication to dogs with a known hypersensitivity to firocoxib or have previously had an allergic reaction to aspirin or other NSAIDs.

Previcox can cause serious adverse effects (including death) when administered at amounts above the recommended dose in puppies less than 7 months of age. The safety of using Previcox in pregnant, lactating, or breeding dogs has not been evaluated. Use Previcox with extreme caution in dehydrated pets or dogs with heart, liver, or kidney disease.

Finally, due to tablet sizes, Previcox for dogs cannot be accurately dosed for pets that weigh less than 12.5 lbs.

Frequently asked questions

How should I store Previcox?

Store Previcox for dogs at room temperature, between 59° and 86° F. Keep this drug out of reach of children and pets.

Do I need a prescription to give Previcox to my dog?

Yes, you’ll need a prescription from your veterinarian to provide Previcox to your pet.

What if my pet has an adverse reaction to Previcox?

If your pet has an overdose of or an adverse reaction to Previcox, seek veterinary attention immediately.

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