Dos and Don'ts of Using Essential Oils on Your Dog

Dating back to the ancient Egyptian times, long before modern medicine came about, essential oils were used to treat the ailments of both animals and people. The benefits of essential oils are apparent; they are a natural, holistic way to treat numerous conditions in dogs. Essential oils can also be used as a natural substitute when your dog is unresponsive to traditional medicine. There are many testimonials to the effectiveness of essential oil treatment. So where do you draw the line? What factors make essential oils potentially unhealthy, or even dangerous to your dog?


Let Your Veterinarian Diagnose Your Dog


That is their job, after all. Even though you are the one who knows your dog best, your veterinarian should be be the main person to diagnose your dog. You can spend quite a bit of time chasing your tail looking for the right essential oil combination, while you could be using that precious time to help your dog feel better. For example, you could believe that your dog is having digestive issues, while the entire time, they have a slipped disk (this is actually quite common). Symptoms can often look very similar for two (or three, for that matter) completely different diagnoses. Let your vet be the expert on the diagnosis and you can be the expert in keeping your dog happy. As always, if you have an emergency situation, do not hesitate to consult your vet before trying to fix the situation yourself. Nothing is more important in the pet world than the well-being of the animal.


Try Each Oil Yourself


Although there is a multitude of information online regarding the use of essential oils on animals, all of these sources agree on one aspect; try the oil yourself before using it on your dog. This will help you to understand exactly how it feels before you put your dog through this treatment. It also helps you to understand the strength of each oil in order to figure out how much you should use. Did that lavender put you to sleep right away? Maybe you should back off on the dose before using it on your dog. Pay close attention to how it affects your senses and apply that knowledge to your dog’s therapy.


Research Each Ingredient


Knowledge is power. If you are using any type of essential oil for the first time, research it. See what others are saying about that specific oil. See what vets approve of this oil, or if there are any potential dangers to it. This research can also help you to find the best application for your therapy such as; diffusion, topically, orally, etc. Knowing what to expect from the oil will help you to effectively treat your dog.


Remember that in a world full of information, it is important to research several different sources. No doubt, you will find several different viewpoints for each essential oil treatment that you research. Some will be negative, some will be positive, just as some will be accurate and some will be inaccurate. As with any topic you research, look for signs of validity. Is this a company that is trying to sell you something? What do they have to gain from telling you that this certain oil is awesome (or awful)?


Store Oils Out of Reach of Your Pet


This is a big issue right now with the critics of essential oils. Pets getting into, and ingesting, large doses of essential oils is very dangerous, for obvious reasons. Make sure that you keep your oils in a dog-proof area, where there is no way that your dog can access the oils themselves. Keep them high and out of reach, in a container that your dog cannot penetrate.


Countless testimonials describe how the use of essential oils can benefit the overall health of your dog. Some of what has been discussed here might seem like common sense, but many times, when your pet is sick, or uncomfortable, you might feel the temptation to react without thinking or researching. It is easy to do. Remember that in these situations, it is best to prepare and prevent. Prepare by consulting your veterinarian, using the essential oil yourself first, and researching a therapy before using it. Prevent any potential danger with essential oils by properly storing them. Your dog will thank you.

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