Flower Essence Blends for Your Dog?

Using flowers to treat ailments may sound a bit outrageous, but there is actually some decent evidence suggesting such a thing works. The whole idea behind flower essence blends is that improving a dog’s (or human's) emotional state can quicken the entire healing process. Flower essences also can be used to correct behavioral problems in dogs such as fears, loneliness, over excitement and over-protectiveness.

When your dog is out of sorts, you may at times have found yourself wishing you could simply talk through the issue with them. Applying a flower essence blend is an easy way to comfort your beloved pup without having to use words. Once your dog's mental state improves, you may notice that his response to other forms of treatment is far better. Below are some basic guidelines for using these gentle floral remedies on your four-legged family member.


If you plan to incorporate flower essence blends into your dog's care, you'd better take some time to get to know the different remedies. There are 38 different essences that can be combined in countless ways to address a host of issues plaguing your dog. Each one has been found to be especially effective at soothing specific emotional turmoil. If you'd like to own all 38 types, you're looking at a total cost around $300, while buying single bottles will go for under $20 a pop.

Pinpoint the Issue

Once you're familiar with all of the different remedies, you'll be prepared to combat a health problem when it arises in your dog. It is very important to pinpoint the exact cause of the health concern or unwanted behavior so that you can effectively select an essence that improves the situation. As negative emotions often coexist, you can pair up to seven  different flower blends in one treatment regime to target more than one problem at a time.

Apply the Blend

After you have diagnosed your dog, it's timeto provide some relief! While you can apply drops straight out of the bottle (approximately two drops at a time), you'll make your money go further by creating a diluted solution. This can be done using a 30ml glass bottle, some spring water, brandy or another potent alcohol, and your essences of choice. Place two drops of each essence into the bottle with the water and the alcohol. This mixture can be applied at a rate of four drops per administration as often as four times a day. These drops can be placed right on your dog's tongue, or they can be misted on the face, massaged into the skin or put behind the ears. Treatment should not go on for more than five days at a time.

Safety First

Side effects from flower essence blends are basically unheard of, so don't worry too much about the negative impacts when administering the drops. By improving your dog's emotional state, you can help ease harmful compulsions like excessive scratching and calm down an upset gastrointestinal tract that has been riled up by stress. Remember, even happy dogs still require medical treatment for physical conditions, so continue to seek veterinary assistance when dealing with serious health problems. By combining physical treatment with emotional improvement, the overall chance of your dog healing can be much higher.

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