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How to Prevent Dog Shedding with Home Remedies


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Having a dog makes your house a home. It also makes your home a whole lot hairier! Dog-lovers with pups of all shapes and sizes know that our canine buddies shed - a lot! While some hypoallergenic breeds keep the hair to a minimum, most dogs leave behind dead fur everywhere they go. The biggest offenders are large pooches with long fur.

Even dogs who aren't allowed on furniture cause tumbleweeds of hair on the floor. Pet fur can stick to baseboards, work its way into couch surfaces, and cause every pair of black pants you own to be worthless. So how can you stay on top of this messy dog side effect? We've gathered the best tips around to help you out.

Causes and Prevention of Dog Shedding

There are all sorts of products on the market that are formulated to reduce shedding, but chances are, you have things in your home right now that can decrease fur loss. By addressing the issue both inside and out, you can promote the health of your dog's coat while keeping your home a clean and happy place. Below are some of the main culprits behind shedding and what you can do to combat them.

Nutrition Deficiencies

What you put into your pupper shows by his coat quality. Healthy dogs that are getting all of their nutrients tend to have shiny, beautiful coats, and - you guessed it - shed less. So if your pooch is looking dull and losing fur, it may be time to take a look at his diet. Dogs thrive on food that is close to their natural diet from the past thousands of years. It may be advantageous to consider a high quality, raw diet that is properly balanced for your pup. The good thing is, these diets can be constructed from foods at your local grocery store! Another way to boost your mutt from his middle is to add a spoon of olive oil to his dinner each night. This will give him some Omega-3 fatty acids, which are perfect for promoting coat health! A dog eating the right things will definitely shed less than one who is low on necessary nutrients.

Changing Seasons

Most dogs grow a fancy, thick fur coat to get them through the colder months. As the warm weather comes, your four-legged friend releases all the extra hair to prepare for spring. The problem is that this can lead to clumps of fur all over your house! To lessen the carnage from a seasonal shed, get into the habit of brushing your dog every day. There are tons of options for brushes to use depending on your dog's coat type. When you brush your dog, you pick up all of the dead hairs so that they don't build up and drop off on your favorite lounge chair. It's a small activity that shouldn't take more than ten minutes out of your day, but the impact can be huge! To make cleaning easier, you can even take a dryer sheet and rub the tops of all of your baseboards. The residue from the sheet stops hair from sticking!

Allergies and Irritations

If your canine companion's skin is bothering her, she's probably going to shed more. So while some shedding is normal, take note of excessive fur loss. It's a good idea to book an appointment with your vet to rule out harmful conditions, but there's often a lot you can do at home to soothe your fur-baby. Try giving your dog a bath using an oatmeal-based shampoo! The water helps remove excess hairs and irritants while the shampoo soothes itchy skin. It's also important to note that the longer you wait to clean your house after one of these major sheds, the harder it will be. Vacuum up as soon as you notice extra hair on the floor, and maybe make it a daily thing until your pooch is back to normal.

Importance of Preventing Shedding

Dealing with fur everywhere can drain the love from you and your pup pretty quickly. Make everyone in the house happy about having a dog again by tackling shedding before it's a huge problem. Your dog will also thank you, especially if he's dealing with skin problems. Grooming your dog can become a bonding time between the two of you each day. Both you and your mutt may start to actually look forward to brushing sessions, although the same can not always be said for regular baths.

More Fun for Everyone

Pet fur is a nuisance that no one likes. Instead of beating your brains out with the frustration of constant fluff, try these easy remedies on for size. Start from the inside out, ensuring your canine is full of the right nutrients. From there, you can embrace a daily and weekly grooming routine to get rid of extra hairs before they make it to your floor and furniture. And be sure to clean up quickly so that hairs don't settle into things. It may be an extra hassle now, but you'll be happy when your house is free of fur and your dog is shiny and clean!

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