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How to Prevent Dog Smell in Your Home


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When you open up your front door, you want to be greeted by your lovable pooch - not his smell! Our canine companions bring warmth to the home, but they are definitely still animals. They drool, shed, and secrete oils (and worse) all over your furniture and floors. But mostly, many mutts themselves just kind of stink. Without intervention, your abode can start to smell more like a barn than a house. So, how do you get rid of that funky scent without banishing your fur-baby?

Causes and Prevention of Dog Smell in the Home

Your best bet to beat dog stench is a two way approach. This means you'll need to adopt a pretty vigorous house cleaning regime in addition to properly addressing the source of the smell - your dog! Below are some of the best methods to tackle the foul stink that follows your pupper.

Regular House Cleaning

Yes, it's a pain in the behind, but getting into a daily and weekly cleaning routine will help stop your house from stinking. Dogs leave their oils and bodily fluids pretty much everywhere. As long as those stench-droplets remain, your house is going to have a funky smell. Get into the habit of vacuuming and sweeping every other day if possible. This will stop oil-covered hairs from working their way into furniture and other nooks and crannies. It's also a good idea to wash your floor at least once a week with a solution that contains vinegar or some other odor killer. Any furniture item that your pooch sits on needs to be washable. Invest in a dog bed with easy-to-remove covers. Buy a few different covers or blankets for your couch. Once a week you can throw all of it into your washing machine with a little white vinegar. This will keep the problem areas of your home fresh, clean and smelling lovely.

Proper Dog Grooming

Giving your dog a bath can be quite the task. It might even be a two person job, and likely no one will escape dry. But pups that aren't bathed enough are the number one culprits for nasty smells. It's important to wash and groom them properly, however, or else you could be making more issues than you're solving. Different products have different rules for proper use. Dog shampoos and any other kind of soap needs to be rinsed thoroughly after it's applied or it can make your barky buddy have itchy skin. Vinegar, on the other hand, should be left in to dry for the maximum effect. Have a dog that hates getting wet? Try a dry solution! Baking soda works great at removing bad odors. Just work the powder deep into your pup's coat and leave it there for about ten minutes. Make sure you brush it all out after the time is up. And, that being said, regular brushing itself is another awesome way to beat dog stink. When you brush your pooch, you remove all of the dead, oily hairs that may be growing bad-smelling bacteria. Once bathing your fur-baby becomes a normal part of life, you'll start to notice that your home stays fresh longer.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Sometimes, a bad smell can be a warning sign for a bigger problem. Infections in the ears, mouth or on the skin can cause a stink so bad it taints the whole house! Poor nutrition can also lead to an overall foul-smelling canine. If you suspect any of these health problems is at the root of the bad smells, take your pooch in for a check-up, pronto. Some of these health issues can be easily prevented with good hygiene habits and a high quality diet. Try to brush your pup's teeth using a special dog toothpaste and toothbrush. Aim for a few times a week for the best results. This will remove all bits of food that can rot over time and cause tooth decay. Gently clean your dog's ears using a cotton swab and mineral oil. Be sure not to go too deep, or you could cause some serious damage! The swab will help get rid of wax and dirt that build up in the ears and begin to stink. Putting good things into your dog will help him to smell nice on the outside. Look for foods that are appropriate for the canine species. These are generally low in carbs and high in quality meats. A balanced raw diet can also decrease bad dog toots - the worst kind of home air pollution.

Effects of Preventing Dog Smell

Unless you like the smell of a dirty dog, keeping your four-legged friend clean will help your entire home have a much nicer scent. Beyond fixing the stink, addressing common health issues that can cause unpleasant odors will also make your pup feel better. Infections left too long can turn into massive problems. These can also take a toll on your wallet! Nip bad scents in the bud and you'll avoid all of these complications.

Better Habits, Better Aroma

Evict putrid pooch stench! By cleaning both your home and your dog on a regular basis, you can beat dog smell before it takes ahold of your abode. Not only will your home be sparkling, but your favorite fur buddy will be healthier! Good hygiene and nutrition promotes better health, and you'll be more in tune to any signs of illness if you're grooming your pup on a regular basis. Nobody likes dog smell, so do everyone a favor, and beat it before it ever enters a nose.

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