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Important Dog Detox Tips for Better Health


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Toxins are everywhere and our dogs are just as susceptible to their damage as we are. No matter what type of foods we feed them, water we give them, or how well we care for them, it is virtually impossible for our pets to avoid toxins. Environmental contagions, low-quality foods, flea and tick medicines, vaccinations, and even pet grooming products, expose our dogs to chemicals. 

We can eliminate many of the toxins by making better choices about the products we buy for our pets. Additionally, there are steps that can be taken to cleanse our pet's of foreign and artificial substances that may be holding them back from being their healthiest.

Why Give my Dog a Detox?

Much the same way our bodies work, your dog’s liver and kidneys are responsible for filtering out toxic substances that enter the body. The problem is that your dog’s organs are much smaller than a human’s, so their toxic load is often much higher. This puts a heavy load on your pet’s organs and over time they begin to wear out. Eventually, they are no longer able to keep up. Conditions such as itchy skin, runny eyes, and digestive disturbances are often signs that toxins are building up or not properly eliminated. Over time, this problem can result in serious illnesses. 

Your dog cannot tell you when they are feeling sluggish or unhealthy from a build-up of toxins in the body. This is why it is essential that we provide some natural ways to keep them feeling good and clear of contagions all of the time.

How Can I Detox my Dog Naturally? 

Fasting is one of the simplest ways to help your dog detox. Fasting is a normal part of life for wolves, the dog's close relative. Food is not always available, so wolves may skip one or even two days of eating before a meal is found. Offer your dog plenty of water, some meat broth, and skip feeding them for the day. Holistic vets recommend this detox for the dogs in their practice and claim that these dogs are among the healthiest in their clinic. 

There are other steps you can take that allow for gentle detoxification on a daily basis and to prevent contagions in your dog's system. Keep your dog's kidneys functioning well by providing a clean bowl of fresh water every day. An ample intake of water stops stones and crystals from forming by preventing concentration of the urine. Make sure that your furry buddy's bowls are washed daily and free of bacteria and dust.

Keep your house clean and free of environmental contaminants. Household cleaners, air fresheners, cigarette smoke, and even the new carpet that was recently installed give off toxins that are harmful to your dog. Use natural products when you can, and in unavoidable situations like a new carpet, keep your pet out of the room until the smell has dissipated. Leave the windows open to allow fresh air to enter. Additionally, when your dog is outside, keep an eye on them to make sure they are not eating grass that may be contaminated with chemicals.

Brush your pup regularly to remove dirt and toxins from the fur and skin. Daily brushing allows for bonding as well, another reason the keep up the practice. Use vet-approved, gentle products for bathing and grooming. At the same time, if you are concerned about conventional methods for flea and tick prevention, discuss it with your vet to see if there are viable alternatives for your dog.

Feed your dog additive-free food and treats. Find a recipe and make your own doggy snacks. If taking care of your pet's diet with a home-cooked regimen is overwhelming, discuss with your vet which veterinarian prescribed or canine nutritionist recommended food is best for your dog.

Improve your pet's blood circulation and support the heart by making sure they have physical activity every day. Exercise, like a run in the park, gives your dog's lungs a good workout and helps their lymphatic system, too. Movement keeps the intestines and colon working at optimal pace, allowing for the removal of waste from the body.

Finally, discuss holistic methods of detoxing with your vet. Milk thistle, for example, is known to detox the liver, an organ that can get bogged down with toxins. An overload on this already taxed organ can mean extra support is needed. Learn about antioxidants (like healthy vegetables and supplements) that can be given to your pet as a way of increasing liver function and as well, building up immunity against disease.

Detox for Health

Being aware of the toxins your pet encounters can go a long way to ensuring your dog stays healthy. Making good dietary choices and ensuring they have plenty of clean filtered water are also important preventatives. Avoid allowing toxins into their surroundings and consider natural ways of dealing with pests. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure if your dog gets sick that you seek appropriate medical care before choosing to do a detox. 

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