Natural Remedies for Canine Seborrhea

Seborrhea is a nasty condition that can make your pup's skin feel itchy, irritated, and sore! The issue can happen secondary to hormonal or nutritional issues, but often occurs on its own. Many different breeds suffer from seborrhea, with Spaniels and German Shepherd Dogs faring the worst. You'll be able to tell if your dog has this uncomfortable skin problem if his skin appears dry, flaky, oily, inflamed or all of the above! To top it all off, the condition also comes with a bad smell and a heightened risk for ear infections.


The different types of seborrhea are classified as either oleosa (oily, scaly and smelly), sicca (dry and scaly) or dermatitis (red, smelly and sore). The irritation causes the dog's hair follicles to become blocked and infected, which is what leads to the bad odor. While severe cases should be treated by a veterinarian, you can also use natural remedies to ease your pup's painful symptoms. There are several different ways you can do this.




Giving your dog specific vitamins and oils can help to improve its health from the inside out. Omega-3‚Äč fatty acids have been shown to restore your pooch’s coat to its lustrous glory. You can buy this supplement in pill or liquid form, with liquid form potentially being more effective. Upping your dog's vitamin A, C and E intake will also give its skin a much-needed boost.




While bathing you dog may not be so fun, it can seriously ease the nasty itch that seborrhea can bring. There are many all-natural, hypoallergenic shampoos available that use quality ingredients free of chemicals to help moisturize and clean problematic skin. These shampoos are generally free of any dyes or fragrance, as these components often make seborrhea worse! During bad outbreaks, you may need to give your dog up to three baths a week, but be careful not to overdo it, or you can actually make the condition more painful by drying your dog's skin out.


Homeopathic Remedies


There are some homeopathic products on the market, such as HomeoPet Skin and Seborrhea, that use natural, concentrated ingredients to help get rid of seborrhea symptoms. One bottle will last you from 10 days to 4 weeks , depending on the size of your dog. Doses are given in drop counts and start at three times a day, easing off to only twice a day once skin condition has begun to improve.


When to Get Help


When using any of these methods, do not hesitate to take your dog into a veterinary clinic if symptoms start to get worse. There is no reason to make your pet suffer, so while natural remedies can be useful, turning to medicated shampoos, antibiotics, or even corticosteroids may be the right move for stubborn seborrhea cases. To see if your dog's skin is improving, check problem areas including the elbows, chest, neck, and ears. In healthy dogs, skin should be relatively odor free and light pink in color.

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