A Reputable Breeder's Screening Process

Reputable Dog Breeder Screening and Matching

A reputable breeder has a careful screening process to match potential buyers with puppies. Peak accurately states that “a good breeder will all but interrogate you,” and she adds that you will have equal opportunity to question him. Often not fully appreciated until after the sale, the screening process of a reputable breeder “is the greatest protection a dog purchaser can have,” according to VIPoodle.

The breeder will show you the pedigree of the pup and offer an explanation of the bloodlines used and the qualities he hoped to achieve. He will discuss not only the positive traits of the breed, but also the disadvantages. No dog breed is perfect. The qualities that make a breed right for one person may not be what another person wants or needs in a dog. A good breeder can determine what animal is best for each potential buyer and whether the breed they sell is even a viable choice for that person. If you locate a breeder that does not discuss the disadvantages of the breed, continue your search for a reputable breeder.

Since the breeder is working towards improving the bloodline of the breed, he will more than likely keep in touch with you in the future. He will help you with training or grooming issues and monitor the dog’s health. If the dog becomes a biter or is excessively shy, the breeder will want to know. If the dog develops arthritis or has problems with his coat, the breeder will want to know. Keeping track of the puppies’ progress is one of the ways in which he monitors his breeding program. Additionally, you should expect a call from the breeder if any other puppies from the litter develop unexpected changes in temperament or health. He will be your greatest resource for information, advice, and help. He considers each litter he produces to be his responsibility for life, and he will gladly assist in any way usually without expecting compensation.

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