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The Alternative Treatment Guide To Fatty Tumors in Dogs


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The word ‘tumor’ strikes fear into the hearts of humans all over the world and it also sends alarm bells ringing when you hear it as a dog owner. But what exactly are fatty tumors in your dog? Also known as lipomas, they are a soft mass that develops under the skin, which can develop in awkward places, causing mobility issues. They usually feel soft and while they are usually benign, they can spread and become cancerous and even potentially life-threatening. So getting a swift diagnosis and effective treatment for your dog’s fatty tumors is essential. But with surgery and so many harsh chemicals today’s market, what alternatives are there for owners who want safe, yet effective treatment options?

Nutritional Supplements

A number of vets have come forward to say that they believe nutritional supplements could have the effect on your dog’s metabolism that can help to treat and prevent fatty tumors. Combinations such as the mineral chromium picolinate and the amino acid L-carnitine have been studied and recommended. An average sized dog could benefit from 100 mcg of chromium and 250 mg of L-carnitine. This can help bolster the efficacy of your dog’s metabolism and combat your dog’s fatty tumors head on.

This is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive solution to fatty tumors. These supplements can be bought easily and will get to work quickly in your dog’s diet. If you want a safe alternative to surgery and harsh drugs, then this nutritional supplement is worth exploring and discussing with your vet.

Increase Circulation

In 2002, The Journal of Veterinary Cardiology released an article that has been instrumental in aiding understanding of the link between blood flow and the development of fatty tumors. A healthy blood flow prevents the stagnation that leads to fat cell accumulation. Those fat cells can then develop into any number of things, such as fatty tumours that plague your dog’s skin.

Fortunately, all is not lost. There are a number of safe ways to encourage healthy circulation in your dog. Antioxidants and CoQ10, found in Super VitaChews and Denosyl can both massively bolster your dog’s blood flow. They are easy to administer supplements that can be added to your dog’s diet and they could help empower your dog’s body to tackle lipomas on its own.


Another interesting school of thought that looks to treat fatty tumors in your dog with totally safe remedies is homeopathy. One homeopathic vet named Dr. Jill Elliot is a strong believer that fatty tumors are a result of fatty imbalances, that must be re-balanced to effectively treat and prevent their development.

These homeopathic remedies often take longer to work than conventional treatment options, but they work by slowly encouraging the body to right itself. One such remedy utilises Thuja 30C. It is to be given in the form of oral tablets, at least once and at a dose of three tablets. If symptoms begin to clear up within 4 to 5 weeks, a second dose should be administered to continue to help reduce the size of the fatty tumours. If you’re looking for safe, naturally-occurring alternatives, then this highly praised homeopathic option is worth exploring.

Key Take Home Points

Fatty tumors in your dog are usually harmless, but they have the potential to affect your dog’s mobility and to develop into dangerous cancerous tumours. Traditional treatment options rely on surgery and harsh drugs that come with the risk of serious complications.

Thankfully, safe and effective alternative nutritional supplements can be used to improve the efficacy of your dog’s metabolism and circulation, which play a critical role in the development of lipomas. In addition, homeopathic remedies such as Thuja could help balance your dogs unstable fatty levels. If you want safe, affordable alternatives, then consider these options!

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