The Power of Burow's Solution For Your Dog's Ailments

Dogs have a habit of bounding through bushes, fields, and your favourite furniture. But when they’re off on their adventures they can encounter a range of insects in fields and bushes. These insects can leave nasty bites, which your dog can’t help scratching and sometimes getting infected. When they’re tearing through the house, they can cut, scratch and injure themselves on any number of things.

Burrow’s solution is aluminium acetate in water. Its antibacterial effects can be used to relieve inflammatory conditions, such as bites, bruises and swelling. This article will look at what it’s used for, any potential risks, and advise you on how to apply the solution.

What is Burow’s Solution Used For?

The intelligent solution has a number of uses. It is used as an astringent wet dressing and drying agent. It treats inflammations, swellings, scratches and a range of other wounds. The antibacterial components work by preventing the growth of bacteria, making it particularly useful in the war against ear infections.

Those antibacterial qualities also help prevent infection caused by your dog trying to lick, scratch and bite at any cuts or injuries. So, if your dog has suffered a minor injury, Burow’s solution can come in useful. Even if your dog is suffering with an infection, it can help target and tackle the infection head on. Its soothing qualities will also reduce your dog’s desire to scratch and lick the affected area.

Potential Concerns

Despite its popular use and well-documented success, as with any treatment, it comes with potential risks. If your dog is hypersensitive to aluminum acetate then it should be avoided. There is also always the risk your dog will be allergic to a solution, so it should be used in small amounts to begin with, so any adverse reaction can be treated by your local vet promptly.

If the ailment worsens after several days, despite the use of Burow’s solution, then discontinue use and seek medical advice. Also, take care not to let your dog digest any of the solution, it is intended for topical use only.

Applying Burow's Solution

If you are concerned about using Burow's solution, you should seek advice from your local vet. If you are looking to apply the solution, follow these straightforward instructions outlined by Dr. Nicholas Dodman. Note the solution can come as a premixed solution, or as a dissolvable powder.

Apply the solution to a cloth and then gently rub into the problem area. Apply the solution every 20 minutes to half an hour. The length of application depends on the cause of the problem, so you may want to consult your vet first. They will also be able to give you guidance on the amount of solution to use. If your dog seems to be in serious pain or the problem worsens, discontinue use.

The Burow’s Conclusion
Burow's solution is an increasingly popular product that can help relieve a number of symptoms and canine ailments. Its antibacterial properties make it ideal for halting the development of bacteria, stopping infections in their tracks, making it ideal for combating ear infections. It is quick and easy to apply, but if you have any concerns then consult your local vet before beginning with treatment.
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