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The Power of Burow's Solution For Your Dog's Ailments


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The typical canine loves exploration and is always keen to go where their nose takes them, no matter the terrain. When dogs are off on their adventures playing in the dog park or hiking the forest with you, they encounter a range of insects in the fields and bushes. These insects can leave nasty bites, which your dog can’t help scratching. On occasion, these bites and scratches can get inflamed. If your treks often include playtime in a water source, consistent moisture in the ears can lead to infection.

Burrow’s solution is aluminum acetate in water. Its healing effects can be used to relieve inflammatory conditions such as bites and chronic ear infections. Not only can the solution be formulated with water, but it can also contain glycerine and hydrocortisone. Burow's solution can also be found as an ingredient in other topical liquids. Ask your vet about a compounded mixture specifically tailored to your dog's needs.

What is Burow’s Solution Used For?

This versatile solution has a number of uses. It is used as an astringent, cleaner, and drying agent. It treats inflammation, swelling, scratches, and a range of other wounds. The corticosteroid in the solution works to soothe itching and redness. It has an astringent effect that is proven to help clear up ear infections. However, if the ears are raw from scratching, Burow's may not be the first product to use because it may sting. Moist dermatitis may be relieved and insect bites soothed. Consult your veterinarian to see what formulation of Burow's solution can be used in your dog's case.

Potential Concerns

Despite its popular use and well-documented success, as with any treatment, utilizing Burow's solution comes with potential risks. If your dog is hypersensitive to aluminum acetate, the product should be avoided. There is also the risk your dog may have an allergic reaction to the solution. It should be used in small amounts to begin with so any adverse reaction can be treated by your local vet promptly.

If the ailment worsens after several days despite the use of Burow’s solution, discontinue use and call the vet. Also, take care to not let your dog ingest any of the suspension as it is intended for topical use only.

The Burow’s Conclusion

As with any product, consult your vet before using on your canine buddy. The last thing you want to do is make a situation worse by using a topical suspension on your dog that may sting, dry the skin excessively, leave an unwanted film, or cause increased irritation. It is important to know that overuse can cause sensitization as well. While Burow's solution has many uses and often solves skin and ear ailments, ensuring that the right formulation for your dog's condition is essential to relief.

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43k+ reviews


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