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Why Insuring Your Pet is a Smart Decision


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As the owner of one or multiple pets, you will probably agree that our furry companions are valued members of our family. You are probably guilty of spoiling your cat or dog with special beds, fun toys, and delicious treats, yet a survey done by the American Pet Products Association Pet Owner’s Survey shows that only 1% of cats and 4% of dogs are insured. You wouldn’t think of not obtaining health insurance for yourself or your children, so why should your pet be treated any differently from the rest of the family?  In many cases, getting your furry friends insured is a good idea with many rewarding benefits. If you are considering insuring your pet, then here is a list of reasons why it may be a smart decision for you.

Insurance Can Save Your Pet And Your Wallet

Although you hate to think of it, accidents do happen, and you never want to have to make the tough decision between your money and a lifesaving surgery for your pet. With pet insurance, you can worry less about the cost of an unfortunate occurrence and be able to focus on doing what is best for your furry friend when an accident or illness does arise. Pet insurance offers reimbursements, which means that you send in the bill from your vet visit and within a few weeks, you will get back a check from your insurance company that will pay for all or part of the expense. This allows you to pay the necessary cost to your vet and get your money back later on.

You Can Customize Your Plan To Suit The Needs Of Your Pet

Pet insurance plans can be altered to fit both your budget and the needs of your companion pet. For example, you can make the choice to cover major accidents only, or just vaccinations and general checkups. This ensures that you are only paying for what you will need, and not spending your money on unnecessary options. You also make the choice to pay your insurance company either monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Pet insurance companies also let you choose your vet, which is very convenient if you travel often with your furry friends. Many insurance plans also offer discounts if you choose to insure additional pets in the household.

Peace Of Mind

You never know when an unexpected accident might take place, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. With insurance, you can sleep well knowing that whatever may happen, your precious animal friend will be safe. Moreover, you won’t have to stress about the cost of any unexpected vet bills that you may encounter, since you can often get paid back 80% of the cost from reimbursements. To sum it up, pet insurance guards against the unexpected, and will keep you prepared and feeling stress-free about any situation that your beloved pet could wag their way in to.

You Wouldn’t Let Your Pet Suffer At Any Cost

Pet owners feel that their adorable little friends are part of the family and, just as for the human members, would do anything for them. Nothing hurts more than seeing your companion in pain, and there is nothing that you would not do to ensure their health and safety. You wouldn’t want to leave your pet in pain simply because you could not afford health care. This is where pet health insurance comes in handy; it is a guarantee of adequate care for your pet, even at a time when you may not be able to afford the vet bill. In the end, making the decision to insure can extend or even save the life of your beloved animal.

Whether you recently welcomed a new furry friend into your family or your pet has been by your side for a while, it is never too late to invest in health coverage. You love your pet and there is nothing that you would not do for them to ensure their health and happiness. Annual wellness checks, injury, and unexpected illness are all part of animal life and care. Before deciding whether or not to ensure your pet, make sure to take into consideration the benefits of doing so.

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