Top 8 Dog Breeds to Help You Find a Date

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The dating lifestyle is pretty ruff nowadays. With so much new technology, dating sites and apps, and varying schedules, and life's complications, sometimes its tough to find that special someone. It may be a good idea to get yourself a dogman, a wingman but in dog form. Pups are the best companions, and although they can't replace another human being, they not only make it easier when you're on your own, but they are guaranteed to bring some sweet attention your way, and pawsibly get a date for you, especially if they are one of these top breeds.

Mixed Breed

You can never go wrong with getting a Mixed Breed. These pups come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, inherited by the breeds they were mixed with. These dogs are the top for earning you a date because people will constantly be asking what type of dog are they. It helps that when trained, their affectionate and human-loving nature will beckon even more pets and attention.


The Keeshond is probably the fluffiest dog you can get, and although their fur needs grooming, its so fun to pet and hug due to its soft texture. These sturdy medium-sized pups are bright and agile, ready to play, and coax others into playing with them too. These pups are sure to make a good conversation starter when you're out with them.

Golden Retriever

Who doesn't love a Golden Retriever? No one, because it's an all-around American favorite, and even pulls in at the top for other countries too. Calm and obedient, these pups make great family dogs, and will always stick by your side, although their more sociable nature will be sure to attract other humans to your side as well.
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German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer was bred to be a hunting dog in Germany, although nowadays you can use them to hunt for a good date. They are active and energetic, and although they can be trained easily, they will still need plenty of time outside, which will give you a chance to meet other dog-loving people at the dog park.


Boxers are all around a great dog. Good for working and shows, these pups known how to remain professional and have a good time. Their medium-sized snouts and bulging eyes give them a bit of a goofy look, but they don't let that stop them from enjoying themselves. Playful, fearless, and loyal, these pups have no problem making new human or dog friends!

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog may look like a big scary dog, but their slack jaw and big eyes make seem like they always have an easy-going smile on their face. Their big fluffy coats are soft and clean, and thanks to their self-confidence and calm nature, they don't mind the extra attention from new humans.

Irish Setter

If you're a little shy and find it hard to talk to a potential date, let your Irish Setter do it for you. Their outgoing and loving personality grabs most people's attention pretty quickly. With their high intelligence and trainable demeanor, you'll have this little guy or gal eager to bring you to meet other humans.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy breed pup with fluffy ears, a soft coat, and big puppy dog eyes. If looks alone would get you a date, then this pup would be sure you won. Although their sweet-tempered and sociable personalities help too, especially when they just beckon pets from people.