Top 10 Dog Breeds with Big Eyes

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Most puppies start life with large, limpid, irresistible eyes. Their globes make us want to take them home immediately! As their heads grow and they develop more hair on their faces, their eyes take up less space and seem smaller in most breeds. But there are some breeds that hang on to their furtastic eyes when they mature. Their eyes make them distinct, sometimes comical, but always attention-getting. Many dog-owners can get lost in their pups' eyes and will stare into them for as long as they'll allow. Whether googly-eyed or just big and round and pleading, these top big-eyed dogs capture our hearts.

#1 Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier named Bruschi has been given the title of Dog with the Biggest Eyes by the Guinness Book of World Records. Pug owners may say Bruschi is just an exception, but Boston Terriers definitely sport huge globes! Terriers were bred to herd and hunt, and their furbulous eyes`do the job, even if they've never been on a farm or in a field!

#2 Pug

A pug's eyes are unpawgettable because of their size and their position that make them appear to be looking in 2 directions at once! They can look pawrpetually surprised. Pugs' eyes fit pawrfectly with this sometimes silly pup, as they move seemingly independently. Their eyes can also make them look nervous, which they sometimes are! Beware: Wiggly pugs with big eyes will charm you!

#3 Chihuahua

Chihuahuas come in different shapes and sizes and their eyes are no exception! Some of these little dogs have such tiny heads that their eyes seem huge! Other chichuahuas are bigger so their eyes seem smaller. Regardless, a guide to large-eyed dogs has to include them!  Often a little depressed-looking, chihuahuas' eyes can weep, too, bringing even more pawtention to them!
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#4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These sweet, silky pups have eyes that are not only large, but soulful as well. They tend to look at humans directly, their orbs making contact with yours. This, plus their friendly, gentle personalities make them favorites for children, and folks who like to sit with their doggos on their laps and stare into their eyes!

#5 Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Not a pawrticularly common breed in the U.S., the Dandie Dinmont is small, proud and smart, and when you look into their eyes, there's a danger you'll get pulled in for eternity. They seem to be reading our minds and they certainly know how to use their skills to exceed at training! With a pawrsonality to match their big eyes, they're a delight!

#6 Olde English Sheepdogs

This may not be the first breed that enters your mind when thinking about large-eyed dogs, but that may be more a result of all the hair on their faces! Who can actually see their eyes? But fur not, those sweet brown or blue, (or one of each!) eyes see you and their woolly charges quite well. Sneaking past them is impawssible!

#7 Parson Russell Terrier

What you might notice first about Parson Russells is their bright eyes that are fairly large for their size and are constantly active. Signaling intelligence and mischievousness, these eyes with eyeliner-like coloring are their bark-ometers whether they're tracking a ball to fetch or locked in on prey. This is another breed that loves to look into their parents' eyes! 

#8 Japanese Chin

A Japanese Chin pup has large, wide-set eyes in a sweet face similar to a spaniel's. While strabismus is the clinical name for the way the Chin's eyes seem to turn outward, they seem to fit this diminutive pooch's small size and charming personality. Not frequently seen in the U.S., they make grrrreat companion dogs. And when they do their characteristic "spin" dance, they're furresistible!

#9 Shih Tzu

It seems many of the world's biggest-eyed puppers come from Asia, and the Shih Tzu is no exception. The breed's shiny, marble-like orbs peer out at you through their silky forehead hair, which owners often tie up with a bow! Used in Tibet as sentinels against intruders in Imperial palaces, this toy-sized bundle nicknamed "Lion Dog" makes a companionable, sometimes silly, pet - with big eyes!

#10 Basset Hound

Basset Hounds have very distinctive, droopy eyes that seem huge because of their downward-slanted eyelids. Combined with their wrinkled foreheads and huge, floppy ears, they look like sad sacks, even though they're anything but! These scent-hounds love tracking people and animals, and will trot for miles chasing the right scent! Add to that their devotion to their humans and you'll agree they're super-dogs!