Top 15 Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

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Finding a dog breed that is best for a small apartment is about more than just size. Of course, it helps if your canine kid is small if you don’t have much room, but there are other characteristics that are important too. For example, you don’t want a dog that is going to bark all day and night, driving your neighbors crazy and possibly causing you to have to move. Some dogs are yappier than others, and some cannot be left alone at all unless you want them to have a meltdown. You also want a laid-back dog that does not need a big yard, because most apartments don’t have one. Check out our top 15 dog breeds for small apartments to find the pawrfect pup for your place.


The smallest dog in the world, this cutie pie comes in both long-haired and short, and they don’t need a lot of room to move around. In fact, just running around your small apartment may be enough to wear them out. These poochies are also sweet and easily trained, so they don’t bark a lot.


Another tiny canine kid, the Maltese is not just a great lap dog, but loves to play and does not need a big yard to run in. These pups used to be used as a “comforter” for the sick, and they are still sensitive and caring fur buddies who love to cuddle.


Half Chihuahua and half Maltese, this adorable little furball is affectionate, laid back, gentle, and smart. They do like to be with you when you go out, so it is a good thing that they are small enough to put in your purse or pack, but they can be trained to be happy at home.
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The Poodle is one of the funniest and brightest poochies there are, and they show that in everything they do. Having a small apartment is no big deal if you get one of the small Poodles, and they are easy to train and independent, so they can be left home alone without worry.


Another hybrid dog, the Chi-Poo is a combination of the Chihuahua and the Poodle, making them ideal for small apartment life with the small size of the Chihuahua and the mellowness of the Poodle. These pups also love other pets and kids, but are just as happy to stay home alone and nap.


This fluffy pup is a Poodle/Maltese mix with a curly and silky coat that does not shed and needs little care. They’re also small and can be happy in a small apartment with no problem, and they don’t bark much either unless provoked, so your neighbors won’t have a reason to hate you.

Yorkshire Terrier

This adorable little pup is less than seven pounds and can be happy anywhere as long as they get enough attention. Even though they are small, they will hunt down and get rid of any vermin in your apartment, and will do their best to protect you from anyone or anything.


This Chihuahua and Yorkie mix is the furfect example of two great breeds. They have the personality and sharp wit of the Chihuahua, with the silky coat and cuddliness of the Yorkie. They’re also happy to run around the apartment on their own while you are gone and bark very little.


Mixing the Yorkie with the Maltese gives you a super cuddly little lap dog that will enjoy hanging out at home or running around town with you doing errands. Since they are tiny, they don’t need much room to run around, and can be trained not to bark so much.


The Pug is famous for their cute face with silly and adorable expressions, their loving personality and loyalty. They do well in any small apartment and don’t need much room to exercise. Most do not bark unless startled, and do not need much grooming due to their short coat.


If you mix a Pug with a Poodle, you get a pawsitively amazing pooch that loves people, pets, kids, and small apartments. They do not shed much and don’t need much grooming either. Exercise can be done indoors since your Pugapoo does not need much space, and they are lap dogs at heart. 


Tiny and furific, the Pugshire is a designer breed combination of the Pug and the Yorkie. With a laid-back mellowness and curious disposition, they will be happy whether they are at home or the dog park. They don’t need much room to move around, and won’t bark unless they hear someone knock.


These big-hearted puff balls are small, but have a big personality. They also don’t know how small they are and have the confidence and courage of a big dog if they feel threatened. These pawesome poochies also like kids and other pets, and won’t bug the neighbors with a lot of unnecessary barking.


Mixing a Pomeranian with the Poodle creates an impawsibly cute little ball of curly fur and energy. They are also very smart, so you can easily train them not to bark at everything. They are also fine living in a small space because they are only about five to seven pounds.


The last on the list is another hybrid; this one a Pomeranian and Pug mixture. This little bitty designer dog will melt your heart with those big brown eyes and sweet disposition. They make furfect family pets since they love kids and other pets, and can be easily trained not to bark all the time.