Top 15 Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

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Finding a dog that is best for a small apartment is about more than just size. Of course, it helps if your canine kid is small if you don’t have much room, but there are other considerations. Some dogs are yappier than others, and some cannot be left alone at all unless you want them to have a meltdown, so pups on the quieter may do better in a smaller space. You also may want a laid-back dog that does not need a big yard, because most apartments don’t have access to one. Check out our top 15 dog breeds for small apartments to find the pawrfect pup for your place.

#1 Chihuahua

The smallest dog in the world, this cutie pie comes in both long-haired and short, and doesn't need a lot of room to move around. In fact, just running around your small apartment may be enough to wear them out! These poochies are also sweet and easily trained, so they don’t bark a lot.

#2 Maltese

Another tiny canine kid, the Maltese is not just a great lap dog, but loves to play and does not need a big yard to run in. These pups used to be used as a “comforter” for the sick, and they are still sensitive and caring fur buddies who love to cuddle.

#3 Shih Tzu

This breed was once a lapdog of the royalty in ancient China, but is today content to play and lounge in your small space. While the Shih Tzu may need more grooming than sme dogs, its great nature makes it a friend to all. They do tend to bark protectively when their property is approached, but early training can keep this to a manageable level.
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#4 Poodle

The Poodle is one of the funniest and brightest poochies there are, and they show that in everything they do. Smaller sized Poodles do great in a small apartment. Easy to train and independent, they can be left home alone without worry. They can bark for protection and be quite mischievous, so curb these tendencies with good training.

#5 French Bulldog

This small Bulldog breed is made for apartment living! A loyal companion this lapdog is a lounger, requires minimal exercise, and is not known to bark much. Frenchies love their people and want to be close often, and are friendly to new people and pets too! A neighborhood walk for this pup is a treat!

#6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier is an affectionate, friendly and adventurous pup, and is the ultimate lapdog. With a beautiful coat, these Spaniels are very people oriented, and do well in the city or country. Not guard dogs, they are suited to the quieter requirements of apartment living. Be sure to get daily walks in for this average active breed.

#7 Yorkshire Terrier

This adorable little pup is less than seven pounds, and can be happy anywhere as long as they get enough attention. Even though they are small, they will hunt down and get rid of any vermin in your apartment, and will do their best to protect you from anyone or anything with a distinctive bark.

#8 Havanese

With a face that could melt any heart, this toy breed was made for smaller spaces. This pup can adapt to any schedule, ranks low on the barking scale, and often carries a sunny disposition. Havanese love to be near their people, and needs activities while you are gone to curb bad behaviors.

#9 Dachshund

Dachsunds are small enough to feel like a small apartment is a palace! They love spending time with their family, and have been known to bark when lonely. Once used for hunting, these spirited lapdogs are still rather active, so be sure to keep them occupied with activities, and daily walks!

#10 Pug

The Pug is famous for their cute face that exhibits silly and adorable expressions, their loving personality and loyal nature. They do well in any small apartment and don’t need much room to exercise. Most do not bark unless startled, and do not need much grooming due to their short coat.

#11 Bichon Frise

Once a royal dog, this snowy-white furball loves to be on display. When not strutting their stuff on the show floor, the Bichon Frise also makes a cheery companion pup. Great with pets and kids, this small breed tends to bark only when nervous, and can thrive in a smaller sized living space. 

#12 Shiba Inu

Though this tough pooch is used to navigating mountainous terrain, they are content hanging out in an apartment. Shiba Inus are playful pups who can get along with the whole family. They aren't known to bark a lot, but do need exercise, so be take this loveable dog for lots of walks!

#13 Pomeranian

These big-hearted puffballs are small, but have a big personality. They also don’t know how small they are and have the confidence and courage of a big dog if they feel threatened. These pawesome poochies also like kids and other pets, and won’t bug the neighbors with a lot of unnecessary barking.

#14 Boston Terrier

The distinctive short nose and bat ears have become a trademark for this sweet pup! Mild-mannered, the Boston Terrier isn't a barker, which makes them great for apartment dwellers. Highly intelligent, these small and muscular dogs do need daily exercise, and do great with daily walks, playing fetch, or even agility training.

#15 Greyhound

Known for speed and high energy, the Greyhound is a larger breed than others on this list. Often adopted once retired from the racetrack, Greyhounds are also known for Olympic lounging! They shed very little and aren't known as big barkers. With a couple daily walks, this pup will excel at being your best couch potato pal.