Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

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Everyone loves dogs, but not all dogs have fur that is nose-friendly. If you are one of those people who sneezes at the sight of flying fur, there are some puptastic breed options just waiting for a chance to make you their favorite friend. Although there are no true hypoallergenic varieties, many come close with little dander which is the true cause of allergy symptoms in sufferers. A non-shedding coat is another key factor to keep those ‘ah-choos’ at bay. Here is the list of the Top Hypoallergenic Dogs who would love to have a fur-ever home.

Afghan Hound

The #1 pup at the top of the chart is the nearly hypoallergenic Afghan Hound! This regal pup stands tall among its peers, and their lucky owner can live happy without any worries of watery eyes or sneezing.  Who would have guessed that this long-haired beauty could possibly be almost free from dander? What a lucky dog!

American Hairless Terrier

‘What kind of a dog is that?’ is the question you will hear when you carry this American Hairless Terrier around town. Beauty and nobility come together to make this pup furrific, without much fur to speak of!  With only a bit of fuzz on their bodies, no comb is necessary. Sweater your pup when you head out and, oh yes, leave the tissues behind!

Bedlington Terrier

This sweet and delightful pup will steal the show when you are out and about! And to top it off, its stunning white coat is nearly hypoallergenic, making it intensely huggable without causing your nose to itch. They feel and look like a lamb, and this medium-sized dog’s devotion will bring tears to your eyes, but for all the right reasons!

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Bichon Frise

This pup is as fancy as their name! The Bichon Frise is small, portable and adorable! They look like a puff ball with all that white fur, but not a sneeze will find its way to your nose. As close to dander-less as possible, the Bichon will gladly keep you company and find a special place in your heart.

Chinese Crested

Now this little dog is too cute to believe! With almost no hair on their little bodies, the Cresteds, as they are called, strut their stuff while attracting even the most cat-loving people! They are a dog for one person, or a small, kind family as they want to be quiet and cuddled. No fur means no allergies!

Coton de Tulear

Cute and fit, this pup, although small in size, is giant in hardiness. They have a long coat, so you can enjoy giving them a daily brushing, but you will not have to worry about the dander. Beautiful to look at, and eager to please, the Coton de Tulear will make a perfect fur-ever friend no matter where you live.

Giant Schnauzer

If you love a big dog, but not the large amounts of fur that come with them, then check out the Giant Schnauzer! This is a perfect breed for a family as they are natural protectors, but are also sweet and loving at the same time. Children with allergies can hug away on this sturdy pup without a runny nose to show for it!

Irish Water Spaniel

Love the outdoors and looking for a friend to share it with? Put on your hiking shoes and take this fellow along! The Irish Water Spaniel is the perfect companion for water sports, and his curly coat will not make you sneeze a bit. This medium-built pup is happy to be a couch potato too, and since they don't shed, no one will know they were there.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Looking for a colorful pup to cheer up your day? The Kerry Blue Terrier might just be what you are searching for! Their blue coat will keep those allergies at bay, so you both can enjoy their exuberance when they play. Lots of energy makes exercising fun, and this medium-tall pup can play alone or with the entire family.  


Do you need a small pup to hug and squeeze, but can’t stop sneezing when you do? The Maltese can step in and relieve all those allergy symptoms with its almost perfect non-allergenic coat. Long, silky locks make for a stunning beauty, but don’t be fooled – this pup is strong and brave and will show those other dogs who's boss!