Top 8 Dog Breeds with Unusual Markings

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Even though each dog is unique and oh so adorable, they can kind of all start looking the same after a while. Their coats are one color, or maybe two. They have short hair or long. Coats are curly or straight. And ears are either floppy or pointed. But every so often you meet a pooch with markings so interesting you can’t take your eyes off them. Spots, stripes, patches, and multiple colors can add a lot to a doggo’s appearance. Some pups are just born with a little extra flare. Keep reading to learn about the top breeds with unusual markings. 

#1 Dalmatian

This list wouldn’t be complete without the infamous Dalmatian. There's no way this spotted beauty can blend in with the crowd. Often associated with bright red firetrucks, this breed also has a track record of guarding horses and accompanying royal caravans. They are full of spunk and can be a little aloof with strangers, but once you’ve earned their trust, they are your friend furever!

#2 English Setter

Want an easy going companion pet? What about a playful family dog? Well, this breed is both. Once bred for working on the rural English terrain, this happy go lucky breed is now more likely to be found curled up by their people. Their speckled coats come in a variety of colors, and the flowing fur on their bodies just adds to their barking good looks.

#3 Braque d'Auvergne

This spotted pooch certainly isn’t a breed you see every day. Hailing from France’s Auvergne province, it is a reputable pointer and an ace of a hunting dog. They look almost like a heavily spotted Dalmatian, except for one big difference- their black faces and ears. Not only are these French furiends great hunting partners, they are also sweet pets that love being a part of the family. 

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#4 Catahoula Leopard Dog

This pupper hails from the exotic location of Louisiana. Yes, it’s an American grown breed that has an interesting coat. Like its name suggests, this breed has a random display of spots. The large freckles come in all shapes and sizes, and make this hardworking breed extra handsome. They are quite domineering and can be a handful, so they are better for seasoned dog owners.

#5 Bluetick Coonhound

Known for their puptacular night hunting skills, this breed also has some pretty impressive markings. Named after the blue and black ‘tick’ pattern of their coat, these good looking pups can also have large patches of black across their backs. And who can forget those long floppy ears and their soulful expressions? They may be great hunters, but Bluetick Coonhounds are also something to look at!

#6 Harlequin Great Dane

You may be surprised to see the Great Dane on this list. Most Great Danes come in a single color, or with a solid coat and a contrasting color on their face. But the Harlequin Great Dane strays from the pack. These giant sized doggos have a gorgeous coat with a patchwork pattern of white and black. There’s no mistaking Harlequin markings, they are doggone beautiful! 

#7 Treeing Tennessee Brindle

Need a canine hunting companion? Having this breed on your side gives you a puptastic advantage over your prey. With a gorgeous brown and black striped coat, these doggos get the job done and look good while doing it. They are fast, agile, and intelligent, a pawfect combination for any hunting pup. Plus, they are great companion animals and love being near their people. 

#8 Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Slightly different than the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, these pupsters have a long tail while their cousins do not. This low to the ground breed can come in a variety of colors. Some have a pawtastic brindle design, while others are adorned with blue merle markings. Regardless of what they look like, Cardigan Welsh Corgis love a hard day’s work and need daily exercise and mental stimulation.