Top 10 Hybrid Breeds for Athletes

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If you’re an athlete who’s planning to add a four-legged member to your family, there’s a hybrid pup made just for you! While most dogs require daily physical activity to release pent-up energy and prevent destructive behavior, some breeds have higher energy levels and enjoy being challenged more than others. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, or hiker, there are athletic canines who can keep up with your lifestyle, making them the pawfect companions for exercise and outdoor adventures. Here are the top 10 hybrid breeds that would fit right in to an active household.

#1 Lab Pointer

Also known as a Pointerdor, the Lab Pointer is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Pointer. Because both parents are sporting dogs, this hybrid breed is bursting with energy and stamina, requiring at least an hour of physical activity each day. A great addition to a family that’s often on the go, the Lab Pointer would make a puptastic swimming or hiking buddy!

#2 Border Aussie

The Border Aussie, or Aussieollie, is the result of crossbreeding the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. Both parent breeds are herding dogs who are known to be workaholics, so this hybrid isn’t for sedentary households. Your Border Aussie will not only happily accompany you on long hikes, but they’ll also do extremely well in canine sports such as agility and herding.

#3 Vizmaraner

Though cuddly and affectionate, the Vizmaraner is certainly no lapdog. A mix between two pawpular hunting dogs, the Weimaraner and the Vizsla, it’s no surprise that this breed is full of energy and always ready to go. If you’re seeking a running or swimming companion, look no further than the Vizmaraner.
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#4 Husky Jack

High-energy and sociable, the Husky Jack is a combination of the Siberian Husky and the Jack Russell Terrier. Their medium size makes them suitable for apartment living, but they still need 45-90 minutes of exercise each day. This breed enjoys walks, runs, and trips to the dog park. Though they know how to entertain themselves, the Husky Jack prefers spending time with their family.

#5 Malinois X

Welcome a Malinois X into your home, and be prepared to spend 1-2 hours on walks each day. But that’s not all. A cross between two hardworking herding dogs, the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois, the Malinois X also needs playtime to keep them from getting bored. Fetch and Frisbee are great games to help this hybrid release extra energy.

#6 Doberman Greyhound

A combination of the Doberman Pinscher and the Greyhound, the Doberman Greyhound is quiet and gentle, making them woofderful family pets. But don’t mistake their gentleness for idleness; both parent breeds love to run, so the Doberman Greyhound is best suited for active families. Aside from running with your pup, you can introduce them to agility courses and tracking games to keep them mentally stimulated.

#7 Border Jack

Boundless energy in a compact package—that’s the Border Jack! The offspring of Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier parents, this crossbreed has enough energy to run, jump, and play for hours. The Border Jack will gladly join you on your walks, runs, and hikes. If given the opportunity, they can also excel in canine agility sports.

#8 Boweimar

A cross between the Boxer and the Weimaraner, the Boweimar is a large dog who needs exercise to keep extra pounds at bay. Fortunately, this breed has lots of energy and is eager to please. In addition to daily walks and regular trips to the dog park, your Boweimar will happily go for a jog alongside you or chase a ball or Frisbee.

#9 Labradoodle

One of the more pawpular hybrid breeds, the Labradoodle is the result of mixing the Labrador and the Poodle. Though they look like teddy bears, the Labradoodle’s exuberant energy allows them to keep up with their favorite person on hikes and long walks. Letting them romp at the dog park or in a fenced-in yard also gets rid of excess energy.

#10 Bullmatian

A mix between the Dalmatian and the Bulldog, the Bullmatian is a friendly and energetic dog who needs plenty of exercise. Bring your Bullmatian along on your daily runs, and you’ll quickly find that they make a furrific jogging partner. Though loving and loyal, this breed can be stubborn at times, so they’re more suitable for experienced pup parents.