Top 11 Stubborn Dog Breeds

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Some dogs just have an independent mind that makes them a little bit more difficult to train than others. This does not necessarily mean they are a bad choice for you as a pet, but you should be prepared to spend a lot of time training your canine companion if you get a breed known to be more stubborn. These poochies may end up being easier to train than you think, but others may need a few sessions in an obedience class before you can get them to listen. Here are the top 11 most stubborn dog breeds.

#1 Akita Inu

The 80 to 90-pound Akita is a gorgeous pooch, but it is the most stubborn, according to dog owners and experts. In fact, this Japanese hunting pup has been known to just walk away when you are trying to train them. However, once you get them to trust you, they will be your loyal sidekick for life.

#2 Chinese Shar-Pei

Although this wrinkly pup looks adorable, you can count on them to be thinking of something else when you are trying to teach them anything. These pawesome pooches typically weigh about 55 pounds and are great for hunting, tracking, and herding, if you can get them to listen. Most Shar-Pei owners choose obedience training for their furbaby.

#3 Jack Russell Terrier

For a small dog, the Jack Russell Terrier sure has a big fursonality. They are known for their fun-loving and independent attitude, with a streak of stubbornness that makes them difficult to train. They are mischievous and have a lot of energy, so you have to stay on your toes with this one.
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#4 Beagle

The happy-go-lucky Beagle is an excellent hunting companion and tracker if you can get them to obey. With their small stature and long, dangling ears, these little cuties are not just hunting companions; they are pawesome family pets as well. However, you'll need to spend some time training them and have plenty of patience.

#5 Jack-A-Bee

The Jack-A-Bee is a hybrid combination of the Beagle and Jack Russell Terrier, and since both of these breeds are stubborn, good luck getting this doggo to obey. This furever furiend does love to hunt, track, and run like the wind, but you may need to take your pooch to school to get them to listen to you.

#6 Dachshund

The short wiener dog is well-known for their lively and independent attitude, as well as their intelligence, hunting ability, and stubbornness. Doxies like to do things their own way, and you are likely to find your Dachshund digging holes, chewing on shoes, or chasing your other pets on a daily basis.

#7 Doxle

What will you get if you mix a Beagle with a Dachshund? An adorable bundle of energy that loves to hunt, but gets sidetracked a lot. The Doxle is a small pooch with a big fursonality, and they can be hard to train. But once you train them, they are loyal furever.

#8 Jackshund

This adorable designer dog is a mix of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Dachshund, and they have a small body with a ton of energy. They are lovable and affectionate, but they are also on the stubborn side and need a lot of patience to train. In fact, you may want to think about obedience classes for the Jackshund.

#9 Chihuahua

As the most petite pooch in the world, you may not expect them to have such a big attitude. However, the Chihuahua needs all the patience you can muster to train because they seem to think that they are the boss. With a ton of sass but a lot of love, these pawesome poochies are great playmates for anyone with lots of time and energy.

#10 Chiweenie

Mixing a Chihuahua with a Dachshund was a brilliant idea, but this hybrid is a handful. With a loving disposition and a bunch of energy, the Chiweenie may be small, but they are full of fun. You’ll need some patience and maybe some classes to train them, but they make great furever furiends after that.

#11 Siberian Husky

This ancient breed must know how beautiful they are, because they seem to use their good looks to get away with whatever they want. The Husky is a pawesome snow dog and loves to play with other kids and pets, but they take some time to train and may be mischievous furever.