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What are Orijen Allergies?

Many dog foods contain similar ingredients, some with higher qualities than others. Orijen is one of these higher quality foods you can feed your dog. However, some dogs on Orijen food develop allergy symptoms and are discovered to have an allergy to it. It may be that your dog is not allergic to the entire Orijen food itself, but an ingredient within the food. Most cases with Orijen allergies results in the dog suffering skin related allergy symptoms. Once your dog is put on the appropriate food, or on an Orijen food that does not contain the ingredient your dog is allergic to, he should make a full recovery without any long-term side effects.

Orijen is a dog food known for its high quality ingredients. Even though the company may use the best possible ingredients available, your dog may still be allergic to it. If you suspect your dog is allergic to Orijen, consult with your veterinarian.


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Symptoms of Orijen Allergies in Dogs

Symptoms of allergies from Orijen will vary because each dog may be allergic to different ingredients leading to different symptoms. Allergy symptoms may include

  • Runny nose
  • Runny eyes
  • Itchy skin
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Poor skin conditions
  • Poor hair coat
  • Hair loss
  • Bumps/rash 
  • Hives
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Obsessive licking/chewing of feet
  • Inflamed, red paw pads
  • Gastrointestinal upset


Orijen produces a wide variety of foods for dogs. They have foods with different protein sources, foods with and without grains, freeze dried and dry foods. While all the ingredients are of the best quality, your dog may still be allergic to one of them. Depending on which ingredient your dog is allergic to, your dog may or may not be allergic to one, some, or all of the Orijen products.

Causes of Orijen Allergies in Dogs

If your dog has allergies, it is his body’s way of protecting itself from something it thinks will harm it. While the item in question is actually harmless, the body doesn’t recognize it as such. The body finds it dangerous and mounts a protective response to the threat. Your dog’s body produces an immune response to the allergen ingredient. This allergic response may develop quickly or may develop over a period of years. Many food-related allergies happen after the dog suffers from an infection involving the stomach or intestines.

Diagnosis of Orijen Allergies in Dogs

A discussion of your pet’s dietary habits and the type of food that you feed him will be a large part of the diagnostic process. Let your veterinarian know when you began to notice symptoms related to the allergy. The veterinarian will also want to know if your pet is on medication or supplements and whether you have travelled recently. She will check your dog’s vitals and carefully examine his nasal passages, eyes, and ears for infection or irritation.

If his skin is sore and inflamed, the veterinarian may order a skin scraping for examination under the microscope. This tool can rule out parasites, yeast, and bacteria. Blood tests and urinalysis can reveal if there is an underlying disease process in place, and will also alert the veterinarian to possible problems with the liver or kidneys.

As you can see, when it comes to diagnosis of Orijen allergies in dogs there are very few diagnostic tests you can run. A dietary trial is the most frequently used method. In a dietary trial, you must feed your dog a novel diet, meaning you feed him a diet without any suspected allergen ingredient whatsoever. You have to feed your dog the novel diet for at least 90 days before you can get a reliable diagnostic. After the 90 days, if resolution of the allergic symptoms occurs, you then must reintroduce Orijen to his diet. If a relapse in allergy symptoms occurs once the Orijen is reintroduced, then you know the source. If symptoms do not return with the reintroduction of Orijen, then it was a source other than the Orijen food your dog was reacting to.

Treatment of Orijen Allergies in Dogs

Removal of the Allergen

Strict adherence to the new Orijen formula or alternative brand will be paramount to the recovery. All family members must be aware of the necessity to avoid treats and supplements that have not been preapproved by the veterinarian.

Medication and Shampoo

If your pet is suffering from dermatitis related to the allergy, the veterinarian may prescribe medication, a topical ointment, or a mild soothing shampoo for use once the allergen is identified. In cases where the skin is infected, the veterinarian will give a medication and ointment to be used concurrently with the food trial.

While it may be a long process, if you are able to discover the actual ingredient your dog is allergic to, you may or may not be able to keep him on Orijen food. Additionally, once you know the actual allergen, you are then able to have strict control over your dog’s diet and can keep him from ingesting it in any form.

Recovery of Orijen Allergies in Dogs

Once you discover the exact allergen causing issues in your dog and remove it from his diet, all of his allergy symptoms should stop. While there have not been any cases of death from an allergy to Orijen, the longer your dog is eating a food that weakens his immune system, the higher his chances he may develop a more serious secondary infection. Once your dog is consuming a diet healthy for him, his immune system will return to full strength and prognosis of a full recovery is good.

Orijen Allergies Questions and Advice from Veterinary Professionals

4 Years
Serious condition
0 found helpful
Serious condition

Has Symptoms

Hair Loss

I just switched to Orijen food from a different brand. I started seeing a majority of the side effects after only a couple days. Her face had broken out into an extreme rash, looking like she got into a fight with another dog.. my poor baby! Clumps of hair started falling out on her face, neck, and back. On top of all this, she started chewing on her back paws as well (she's never done this). She's been itching/scratching A LOT more than usual, despite being on flea/tick medication. I would advise against feeding your dogs this food.

Butterfly is this you? I have Irie on Orijen now and ive noticed her losing a lot of hair and itching like crazy. Did you switch food and it helped?

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12 Years
Serious condition
0 found helpful
Serious condition

Has Symptoms

Excessive hair loss

My 12 year old yellow lab has been on Orijen original food for the past 6-8 weeks. I tried the 6 fish for one month but then went back to the original of which she has now been on for one whole month. Her hair is now falling out mainly on the sides of her body. She does not lick or scratch but hair comes out in clumps. I was advised to put her back on to the 6 fish which I started 2 days ago mixing it 50/50 with the original to get her used to it. Please advise if you think this will help.

Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
3320 Recommendations
These types of cases can be difficult to manage since we are not sure which ingredient in the food is causing an issue; if it is suspected that Honey has an allergy then it may be worth having allergy testing done to help narrow in on a possible allergen faster than doing trial and error with diet. Also a restricted ingredient diet may be beneficial in the meantime, but discuss with your Veterinarian. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

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Lola age 10 month
Portuguese Water Dog
10 Months
Serious condition
0 found helpful
Serious condition

I have 2 dogs both Portuguese water dogs both born 12/26 one is going to be 3 the other 1. They both have been on Orijen original since almost 3 months the older one seems to be fine except has a occasional runny nose. The 10 month old is having some issues with scratching and some bitting of skin and feet not severe but bothersome. She also has had an issue with one eye and from scratching has scratched her cornea. It is healed and in trying to figure out why or how this happened we are noticing these other symptoms. They dont have fleas. Eye specialist is thinking even though its one eye that she perhaps has an allergy. We live in Massachusetts and have just had a few frosts now. It just also got cold this past week. We also just turned on our heat and pellet stove. Thinking of trying a different food to see if it helps. Any suggestions?

Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
3320 Recommendations
Food allergies are a common cause of biting and scratching in dogs, it is best to move towards a restricted ingredients diet to start with to see if there is any improvement; if you see improvement you can introduce a different diet and you’ll see if there is a reaction to the new food. Also, allergy testing with your Veterinarian may also help narrow down some undesirable ingredients to stay away from. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

She is on Orijen original food. What would you recommend

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miniature dachshund
11 Weeks
Mild condition
0 found helpful
Mild condition

Has Symptoms


Could my puppy have dandruff? My husband and I have scalp psoriasis .Could my puppy have dandruff ? She's very healthy no irritated skin or red patches. My husband and I have scalp psoriasis but very poor , I don't no if there's a possibility we sorted out the dandruff to her ...

Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
3320 Recommendations

Dogs, just like people, can get dandruff but understanding why is more important. Dandruff is a sign of dry skin, causes include: allergies, other irritants, food intolerance, poor quality food or poor quality shampoo and other grooming products. You can try using a specialised shampoo available from your local pet store or bring it up with your Veterinarian when you go for vaccination. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

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