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10 YouTube Videos to Keep Your Cats Entertained


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 09/06/2022, edited: 09/06/2022


Ever caught your cat staring at the TV screen? It's no secret that cats enjoy watching television and can make out images, patterns, and colors. Our feline friends especially love to watch other animals and fast-moving objects. My own calico, Boo, has spent hours watching birds, other cats, and even soccer matches on TV. 

Cats enjoy watching television so much that many content creators make videos (and even games!) especially for felines. If you're looking for cat-friendly content, YouTube has a treasure trove of content felines will love. Some of these YouTube videos for cats are so popular that they've received tens of millions of views. Here are Wag!'s top 10 picks!

8 Hour Birds Bonanza

This 8-hour compilation is a "purrsonal" favorite of my cat. It features 8 hours of close-up shots of an array of birds eating seeds surrounded by woodlands. It's one of the best YouTube videos for cats, at least in my experience. Plus, you'll get plenty of laughs watching your confused cat try to follow a bird's flight as it disappears off screen.

Catching Fish 1 Hour Version

If you have the kind of cat that can't resist sticking their paw in a fish tank, then let them watch Catching Fish by Cat Games. The videos are pretty simple: several bright red fishies move frantically around the screen on a blue background. Splashing noises are sure to encourage your cat to play. You can even make a game of it and count the number of times your cat taps the screen!

Mice in The Jerry Mouse Hole

Another cat classic by Paul Dinning, Mice in The Jerry Mouse Hole is perfect for any mouser. This 8-hour video focuses on a mousehole with a few tiny squeakers occasionally coming out to chow down on a seed or two. This video could captivate your cat for hours on end, so it’s ideal if you want to keep your cat entertained while you're out of the house.

TV for Cats: 8 Hours of Visual and Sound Stimulation

WARNING: This video contains flashing images.

TV for Cats: 8 Hours of Visual and Sound Stimulation initially comes across more like a piece of abstract art than a YouTube video for cats. But it's actually specially designed to keep your kitty engaged. It features videos of everything from kittens playing to close-ups of birds to hamsters on a wheel. Each clip is short to keep your cat's attention. Squeaks and loud bird noises will keep your kitty glued to your tablet.

4K Stunning Underwater Wonders of the Red Sea + Relaxing Music - Coral Reefs & Colorful Sea Life

Both fur-babies and pet parents can enjoy livestreams, which also let you avoid repetitive content. This livesteam of vibrant coral reefs accompanied by relaxing music is great to put on in the background for some added ambiance. Plus, it'll keep your cat busy, as they'll no doubt be mesmerized by all the colorful fishies.

Cat TV Squirrels and Birds for Cats

Cat TV squirrels and birds for cats is a livestream that's sure to keep your cat purring. It's ideal for any feline that loves to sit by the window and chirp at the birds. It features numerous clips of close-up exotic birds and squirrels, all in glorious 4K for your kitty to enjoy.

Wildlife Instincts: Pallas's Cat - Master of the Plains by Free Documentary - Nature

My calico, Boo, loves watching nature documentaries, especially ones about big cats. A few good ones are available on YouTube, including Pallas's Cat - Master of the Plains. If you're not familiar, Pallas's cats are incredibly fluffy, unusual-looking felines found across Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. This documentary is a fun watch for anyone with feline fur-babies and will pique your kitty's interest, too.

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Cat TV: 8 Hours of Stimulating Abstract Footage to Entertain Your Cat!

Cats sometimes need to learn to chill, and this video by Relax my Cat is designed to make them do precisely that. It features nearly 8 hours of psychedelic swirls and dreamscapes accompanied by a soundtrack designed with binaural technology to calm your cat and help them sleep. It's not exactly designed to entertain your cat, but it will help them relax during long journeys or if you're moving house.

Cat Games - String String Thing

Sometimes the best toy for a cat is a piece of string, and this video proves it. With a white background and bright red strings darting across the screen, this video will get your cat clawing at the screen. Its background music is pretty distinctive, and pet parents in the comments have said their cats come running when they hear the tune!

Live Tiger Cam

From orangutans to polar bears, the San Diego Zoo has live cams for every animal. However, the tiger live cam is the one that will astound your little lion. Just remember tigers are most active during the night, so this live cam is best suited to cats that get lots of late-night zoomies.

Did we miss your cat’s favorite YouTube video for cats? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram @wag!

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