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5 Fun Activities For Your Doggy Daycare Business


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 11/22/2021, edited: 11/22/2021


Looking for new ways to impress your canine clients? Whether you're operating a doggy daycare, boarding business, or drop-in service, keeping a pack of pups occupied isn't always a walk in the park. Plus, it can be tricky to make yourself stand out among other Pet Caregivers in your area. To help you stand out and keep your clients happy, we've compiled 5 fun activities to try at your doggy daycare business!

Homemade tasty treats

feed a Siberian Husky a homemade dog treat

It's no secret that dogs love food, and there are few better ways to keep them occupied than with some tasty homemade dog treats. You can even try freezing certain treats for a cooling snack on a summer day. Frozen treats are ideal if you're running a drop-in service and need to keep a pup occupied for a few minutes. You can also give a few treats to the pet parents to take home for later to show you're making the extra effort.

Before giving a dog a homemade treat, talk to their pet parent to ensure their dog doesn't have any allergies and they're happy for you to give their fur-baby some treats. Check out these peanut butter and pumpkin treat recipes for inspiration!

Paddling pool playtime

splash with your puppy in the pool on a hot summer day

If you're running a boarding business or a doggy daycare, a simple way to keep your canine clients happy is with a large paddling pool. Set up a paddling pool in the middle of your yard, grab a few floating balls to fetch, and let the doggos make a splash! 

Dogs love taking a dip, and there's no better way to help your hounds cool off on a hot day. Bear in mind you'll want to dry off your canine clients before they return to their pet parents.

Chase the bubbles

making bubbles with a dog - play a game of chase the bubbles

Another super simple activity that will keep doggos occupied for hours is a game of chase the bubbles. Buy a bubble machine and fill it with non-toxic bubble solution, and watch as your canine clients chase and try to eat the bubbles. 

Consider chatting with a vet beforehand to ensure your chosen bubble solution is 100% safe for dogs. Whether you have a dog for a few hours or a few minutes, a bubble machine is sure to keep them entertained.

The muffin tin game

The muffin tin game is a "pawsome" game for one-on-one drop-in and overnight care sessions with clever canines. All you'll need is a muffin tin, some small dog treats, and some tennis balls. Check with the dog's pet parent that it's okay to give their fur-baby some treats. 

Place treats in each of the muffin cups and cover them with tennis balls. Then, let the dog sniff out and dislodge each of the tennis balls to reveal the treats. As a dog gets more experienced, you may want to try not putting treats in some of the muffin cups to make the game more challenging.

DIY agility course

brown and white dog playing on an agility course

For highly energetic mutts that know a trick or two, you can try setting up a DIY agility course. Using old cardboard boxes, wood panels, and even PVC pipes, you can create tunnels, jumps, seesaws, and more! Just make sure your agility course is safe for doggos, as you don't want to risk any accidents. 

You can try to get each doggo to run the agility course or just let them play around on it. If you get some successful runs, record their times and make a leaderboard. Let their pet parents know their times and if they're at the top of the table! Showing them their dog's results will let pet parents know their pup is having a great time and encourage them to use your services again.

What are your favorite games to play with your doggy daycare clients? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Melody morgan


Hi I have just set up my on day care and need some tips on how to keep the dogs entertained. We have walks in the morning but need something for them to do in the afternoon. Any suggestions would be great 👍

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