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5 Meowtastic Smoothie Recipes for Cats



Published: 8/2/2021

Do you see a pair of kitty eyes staring at you over the top of your smoothie glass? Does your feline wrap around your legs meowing whenever you start getting out ingredients for the blender? While you can’t give them whatever you are drinking since some smoothie components aren’t kitty-safe, you can make a delicious smoothie just for them to enjoy!

Smoothies can be pawsome opportunities to treat your cat with healthy ingredients that are good for them, while ensuring they are getting enough water into their diet to combat dehydration. And since they are made with foods cats love, they will definitely be meowing for more! Check out these 5 easy to make smoothies for cats to show your four-legged bestie how furbulous you think they are! 

Cat Smoothie Ingredients

You may notice that while some of the smoothie ingredients listed here are yummy for human standards, many of them seem downright icky to our senses! Fish in a smoothie? Yuck! But to your cat, it’s delicious, nutritious and right for their tastes.

Not all human foods are safe for cats, and knowing what you can and can’t give your cat from your own kitchen is essential when creating tasty, homemade treats for them. We may use fruit or veggie juices for our own smoothies, but these can be unhealthy or even toxic to our cats. For these recipes, we used ingredients that are safe for cats, but always be on the lookout for any reactions in case your precious furbaby has a particular sensitivity. So, without further ado, here are the smoothies!!

#1. Easy Cat Food Smoothie

If you want to try out a smoothie texture for your cat, but aren’t sure where to start, grab a packet of their furvorite wet food and quickly mix up this batch of yum! Also excellent for a hot day cooldown.


  • 1 small packet or half a can of wet cat food
  • 2-3 ice cubes, (or catnip cubes-see below!)


  1. In a blender, mix ingredients. If still too thick, add more ice cubes and blend.
  2. Pour into bowl or dish, serve and listen for the purrs!

#2. Tuna, Spinach and Blueberry Smoothie

Every cat loves tuna. And with the addition of fiber and antioxidant-filled blueberries and spinach for several vitamins and minerals, this concoction is healthy and delicious! Just be sure to omit the spinach if your cat has any kidney or urinary problems.


  • ½ of a 5-ounce can of tuna in water
  • Water
  • 2 small baby spinach leaves
  • 3-5 blueberries


  1. Drain tuna water into measuring cup. Add half of drained tuna to blender, saving the other half for another smoothie, or for your own treat.
  2. Add additional water to tuna water if necessary to make 1/3 cup of liquid. Pour 1/3 cup tuna water into blender.
  3. Add spinach and blueberries, and mix in blender until you reach desired consistency.
  4. Add more water if too thick.
  5. Pour into bowl or dish, top with a small blueberry and serve!

#3. Chicken, Watermelon and Apple Smoothie

With chicken for some pawrific protein, and apples and watermelon for tons of healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber, this smoothie is sure to please. Plus, watermelon is a great source of water for those cats who need more in their diet. While you can use chicken cooked at home, be sure it is completely unseasoned and bone-free, or you can grab a packet of pre-cooked, unseasoned chicken at the store.


  • 2.5-ounces, or 5 tablespoons, of cooked, boneless, unseasoned chicken
  • 1/3 cup watermelon chunks, de-seeded and without any rind
  • ¼ or less of an apple, peeled, de-cored, de-seeded and sliced


  1. Add all ingredients to blender and mix until you reach a desired consistency.
  2. If too thick, add another small chunk of watermelon or an ice cube, and mix.
  3. Top with a tiny piece of watermelon, chicken or apple.
  4. Pour into bowl or dish, serve and smile at the contented meows!

#4. Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

For a smoothie a little closer to your own, this recipe uses two furrific fruits that are safe for our precious meowsters. If your cat is allergic to yogurt, you can substitute unsweetened almond or coconut milks that are free of xylitol.


  • ¼ cup of banana slices
  • ¼ cup of strawberry slices, without green tops
  • 2 tablespoons plain, unflavored yogurt


  1. Blend all ingredients in blender until you reach desired consistency.
  2. If concoction is too thick, add a little more yogurt or an ice cube, and mix. If too thin, use less yogurt.
  3. Pour into bowl or dish, top with a strawberry slice, and serve to your hungry kitty.
  4. If your kitty just isn't interested, try adding a 1/2 tsp. of catnip to the mix.

#5. Salmon and Catnip Smoothie

For those special occasions when you really want to spoil your kitty! This one takes a bit of extra preparation, and an ice cube tray!


  • 1 ice cube tray
  • 1 tsp. dried catnip, or a handful of fresh catnip
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 2.5-ounces or 5 tablespoons of cooked salmon, unseasoned


  1. Steep catnip in hot water for around 5 minutes. Then, pour into ice cube tray to fill about 8 ice cubes. Place tray in freezer, and freeze until solid.
  2. Add 2 catnip ice cubes into blender. Add salmon, setting aside a small chunk or two to top smoothie.
  3. Mix until you reach desired consistency. If too thick, add another ice cube. If too thin, add less ice cubes.
  4. Pour into bowl or dish, top with salmon chunk, and serve this cool fishy treat to your impatient feline!
  5. Since you have leftover catnip ice cubes, throw them in a plastic bag and keep them frozen for another smoothie. You can substitute these ice cubes for water in any other recipe (each ice cube equals an 1/8 of a cup of water), or give your cat a cube to lick on a hot day.

Tips on How to Feed Your Cat Smoothies

  • Always start slow by giving your cat a tablespoon to taste.
  • You can feed your cat a smoothie by the spoonful, in a serving dish or bowl, or pour over their dry food for added meal flavors!
  • Only give smoothies as treats, never as complete meals. The rule is that all treats should equal only 10% of a cat’s daily calorie intake. Be aware of portion control.
  • You’ll definitely have leftovers of each of these recipes, but they will keep in the fridge for a couple of days. Simply pour leftovers into a jar or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid to keep fresh. Re-blend as needed.
  • If you boil your unseasoned chicken for your kitty, save the leftover chicken broth to use in place of water in any recipe for another boost of flavor! You can also do the same with tuna water. Freeze either into cubes for future recipes.
  • Pour smoothies into ice cube trays or small popsicles molds for more cool treats that can easily be portioned.
  • Always be aware of any adverse reactions to smoothies. Symptoms such as changes in appetite or elimination, vomiting, excessive drooling or skin rashes can indicate an allergy or sensitivity to a particular food. 

Once your kitty gets a lick of one of these, they'll be sure to be meowing their approval! Enjoy!

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