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Guest Article from PetsforHomes: 5 Ways to Give Your Pet Extra Care This Pet Wellness Month



We all know our pets deserve only the best in the world -- from comfort to healthcare. As pet parents, we’re responsible for giving them everything they need to let them live long, happy lives. 

And as October is Pet Wellness month, we ought to make sure that they’re living their best lives, whether they’re new puppies or senior dogs.

To help you start with your journey to being good, responsible pet parents, here are 5 ways you can keep your pet’s wellness at its peak:

Give Pets High-Quality Foods

A healthy, well-balanced diet is the foundation to keeping your pets as healthy and happy as possible since that is where they get the bulk of the nutrients they need. Unfortunately, while there are many choices available on the market, not all pet foods are created equal. Look for high-quality pet foods from trustworthy manufacturers, and make sure you check for recalls of different pet food brands.

It’s important to check the ingredients of whatever pet food you buy as many manufacturers use wordplay to make owners believe they’re feeding their pets beef or chicken, but are actually feeding them beef-flavored or chicken-flavored food. If your dogs or cats suffer from allergies or they’re battling some type of chronic disease, seek the assistance of your veterinarian to make sure you’re giving them the best food for their conditions.

Take Them to the Dog Park or Let Them Enjoy the Outdoors

Exercise should be a regular part of your pet’s routine, allowing them to release all their pent-up energy, especially when you live in small spaces. Not only does exercise help them stretch out their muscles, but it also allows them to socialize with other dogs and pets -- which is important for your pet’s behavioral development.

However, make sure you clean your pet’s paws and underside to remove any debris or dirt that they may track into your homes. Check for ticks and other parasites, especially if you like hiking or taking walks in nature.

Keep Your Place Clean and Hygienic

While some dogs and cats may like spreading clutter all over the house -- from their dog toys to random trinkets -- it’s important to keep their areas clean and organized to avoid accidents or injuries, both with your pets and your other family members.

Keeping their areas clean and hygienic will also help lower their risk of infections, illnesses and parasitic infestations that may arise from dirty environments. Just make sure that you disinfect with animal-friendly solutions to keep your pets safe from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Remember to Schedule Your Pet’s Vet Visits

While vet visits are normally done when pets are already sick or you’ve observed something off in their behavior, these should actually be done regularly to make sure your pets aren’t suffering from any illnesses. Regular vet visits will help owners get valuable information about their pet’s health, diet and disease predispositions, which may assist them in deciding on the best options for their pets.

Make Sure Your Pets Have Proper Identification

Proper identification in pets doesn’t end in giving them name tags and collars. While losing our pets is something we would very much like to avoid, it is a reality that can happen with any pet parent out there -- and most of the time, collars and tags may not be enough. Make sure that you microchip your pets to ensure that they can find their way back to you when they do get lost.

If your pet isn’t microchipped yet, this Pet Wellness Month would be the perfect time for you to inquire at your vet clinic to make sure that your pets can be properly identified by shelters if they do accidentally wander off.

Support Your Pets, Not Only During Pet Wellness Month

This October, we celebrate Pet Wellness Month as a reminder of our responsibilities to take care of our furry family members, and ensuring that they live the highest quality lives they can. However, remember that these efforts should not stop after this month ends. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment, and you should always consider what’s best for your pets.

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