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75% of Pet Parents Report that Playtime Often Boosts Their Mood on Bad Days



There's no doubt that doggos improve our lives. Whether it's greeting us after a long day at work, keeping us company on rainy days, or helping us stay active, pups are certainly "pawsitive" influences on our lives. Wag! surveyed pet parents for Mental Health Awareness month and found, to no one’s surprise, that there are loads of mental health benefits of having dogs

One stand-out statistic from the survey is that 75% of pet parents say their dog helps cheer them up when they're having a bad day. From bounding after a ball to acting like a goof, it's easy to see how dogs add a bit of brightness to our darkest days. Plus, there are plenty of studies that prove dogs improve our mental and physical health. 

Here are a few ways you can maximize your playtime with the puppers to help your mood.

Become a canine caregiver

Just because you have a strict landlord or you're not in a position to care for a canine doesn't mean you can't spend time with a woofer. As a dog walker, sitter, or boarder with Wag!, you can boost your mood by surrounding yourself with pups!

It's super simple to sign up, and you can work when you want, making dog boarding, sitting, and walking the "ultimutt" side hustles. You're sure to love meeting lots of mutts from across your city and making lots of new four-legged friends. Plus, taking care of someone's fur-baby while they're at work or out of town is super rewarding.

Become a foster pup parent

Budding pet parents who aren't in a position to care for a doggo full-time should consider fostering a pup in need. Many shelters in the US struggle to take care of every canine that comes to them. 

Fostering gives a homeless hound a great temporary home and takes some pressure off your local shelter. Plus, you'll get lots of time to play with your new barking bud, and you'll feel on top of the world when Bella finally finds their "furever" home.

Plan a pet-friendly workout routine

Staying active is an important part of staying healthy, so why not involve your canine compadre in your workout? Even though you already take your pup for walks, trying a few different pet-friendly exercises will undoubtedly brighten your day.

If you're not much of a jogger, why not train your doggo to walk alongside your bicycle? Or take part in the growing trend of dog yoga. Surprisingly, it's possible to train your dog to do yoga, and watching Tucker try the Downward Dog pose is sure to put a smile on your face.

75% of pet parents say their dog helps cheer them up when they're having a bad day

Get creative with your playtime

Puppers need plenty of playtime every day to stay happy and healthy, so why not mix it up and try out some new games? One of the best things you can do is build an agility course for your pup. 

You'll have loads of fun building a course, and an agility course is a great way to reinforce Fido's training. You could even invite some barking buddies over and set up your own doggy Olympics!

If you're not sure about setting up something so elaborate, consider buying a puzzle toy. You'll be super entertained while watching your pup solve a puzzle, and Molly will love getting a treat at the end! Other fun possible activities include chasing bubbles, playing frisbee, and tug-of-war.

Bring your doggo to work

Most pet parents spend at least half their day at work, away from their fur-babies. While it's not possible to bring your pet into every workplace, there's no harm in checking with your boss if you're allowed to bring your pet to work.

How can you convince your boss to accept dogs at work? Make the case that your dog is well-behaved and won't be a distraction. You can also quote statistics that suggest pups in your workplace boost productivity, which may help sway their opinion. Dogs are also proven to help reduce stress and will help you build stronger friendships with your coworkers.

Join in on local dog-friendly events

Why spend your time with one doggo when you can greet every pooch in your neighborhood? Partaking in local dog-friendly events is a "pawsome" way of bonding with your pup and is sure to boost your mood!

There are tons of pet-friendly events across the U.S. that will get your pup's tail wagging, like the Surf City Surf Dog in Huntington Beach and the Dog Day Festival in Nashville. Have a quick search and see if you can find any pet-friendly events in your city for you and Scoob to attend!

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