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Help Keep Halloween Fun — and Safe — for Your Dog


If you love Halloween, it makes sense that you’d want your dog to join you. She’s always up for a good time, right? And if there are treats involved, all the better!

Whether you’re going out or staying in, dressing up or keeping it chill, you want to make sure the celebration is as much fun for your dog as it is for you. A few simple tips can help you do just that.

Dressed-up dog?

If you decide to put a costume on your dog — and she agrees to let you — don’t let style overcome common sense:

  • Keep your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth free and clear of obstructions. She needs to be able to use all of her senses to maintain calm and not be spooked.
  • Don’t let your dog’s costume restrict her from moving around normally.
  • Make sure the costume you choose doesn’t have choking hazards like buttons or embellishments.
  • If you’re going out and about, consider a reflective collar or a light to increase her visibility in the dark.

Treats, as long as your careful

A lot of the ingredients we take for granted in Halloween treats can make your dog sick. Chocolate, raisins, and macadamia nuts are poisonous. And the sugar-free sweetener Xylitol, which is found in both candy and gum, can be toxic to dogs.

For your furry family member, a handful of her regular kibble or doggie treats can be just as welcome as anything else — and often much safer.

Don’t let your dog get spooked

If your dog is anxious, a constantly ringing doorbell and strangers at the door may add to her anxiety. You can avoid the stress by keeping her in a quiet area of your home.

If you’re out trick-or-treating with your dog, make sure she can’t escape the leash, collar or harness if she gets spooked by any of the ghosts and goblins roaming around with you on Halloween. Sometimes, the decorations alone can scare your dog.

Have a happy Halloween this year, and do your best to make sure your dog does, too! Anything else is too scary to imagine.

Help Keep Halloween Fun — and Safe — for Your Dog

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