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How to Spoil Your Bunny on National Bunny Day 2023


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 09/23/2022, edited: 10/05/2023


Want to treat the Mini Lop in your life to an extra special day? September 24th is National Bunny Day, so what better to spend it than with your rabbit roommate? We've compiled a list of ways you show your bunny they're your best buddy, from tasty treats to homemade toys. Here's how to spoil your bunny on National Bunny Day 2023!

Feed Thumper some fancy vegetables

A fundamental part of a rabbit's diet is a variety of vegetables, so why not spoil your bun with some exotic greens to try? Collard greens, endive, and bok choy are all unusual vegetables your bunny will go bonkers for. Or, treat them to some expensive hay or a sugary carrot. 

Of course, you'll want to ensure any veggies you pick are safe for rabbits. There are plenty of myths surrounding what rabbits eat. For example, rabbits can't eat iceberg lettuce, and carrots should be enjoyed in moderation. You should also be aware any sudden change in your rabbit's diet may upset their stomach.

Set up a "hopstacle" course

Rabbits will literally jump for joy, so why not set up an adorable "hopstacle" course for them to try out? A hopstacle course will give Bugs plenty of physical and mental stimulation, which will leave them tuckered out this National Bunny Day. 

Setting up a "hopstacle" course doesn't have to take long. Just grab some low obstacles like toilet paper tubes and some higher obstacles like a box and set them up in a line. Then, use treats to encourage your bunny to jump over each obstacle.

person massaging the ears of a brown lop rabbit

Give Bugs a brush and a massage

Bunnies can be very loving little fluffballs and will enjoy a brush and a pamper this National Bunny Day. Get your rabbit to sit on your lap and stroke them as you usually would. Then get the brush and give them a groom. You can also try giving your rabbit a massage by rubbing in circular motions around their cheeks and between their ears. 

If they're feeling super relaxed, your rabbit may even fall into a trance-like state. Massages can also benefit your bunny's health by improving circulation and increasing joint mobility. Just bear in mind it takes a while to build this bond, so a new rabbit may take some time to warm up to their pet parents.

Surprise Snowball with a new playmate

Rabbits are highly social creatures with an instinctual need for companionship, so there's no better surprise for Bugs than a new playmate! Adorably, rabbits can actually experience love at first sight, which means they immediately become bonded to another rabbit, making them almost inseparable.

If you're unsure how Fluffy will take to another rabbit, a great activity to try with your rabbit this National Bunny Day is speed dating. Many animal shelters will let you bring your bunny along for a meet-and-greet. Set up several meet-and-greets and see if your rabbit falls for another bunny. 

Just ensure you supervise closely, as not all rabbits get along. Ensuring both rabbits are neutered goes a long way to making sure they play nice.

Make a homemade toy for Hop

Nothing says "I love you, Marilyn Bunroe!" like a homemade toy. Rabbits are pretty easily entertained — their favorite activities include digging and shredding. One of the best and easiest toys you could make your bunny is a dig box. 

To make a dig box, all you need to do is get a large cardboard box and fill it with old toilet paper tubes, ripped brown bags, and some crumpled paper. Then put some tasty treats or toys in the box, and watch as your rabbit delightfully destroys the entire box in search of a tasty morsel or their favorite toy.

golden and white rabbit standing outside a luxury wooden rabbit hutch

Upgrade Oreo's cage

If you've had your rabbit's cage for a few years, it might be time for an upgrade this National Bunny Day! There are few better ways to spoil your rabbit than providing them with extra space to snooze and munch on hay. 

Try to get your bunny the biggest cage possible, with several different compartments for your rabbit to explore. Make sure you take measurements of where you want to fit the cage before heading to the pet store.

Buy some new toys for Floppy

If you're not very crafty or you're short on time, buy your rabbit some new toys to keep them entertained. Rabbits like a variety of toys of different shapes and textures. 

Rabbits love to chew and throw things around, so even some baby chew toys will keep your bunny occupied. Remember to make sure the toy's material isn't toxic to rabbits. You'll also want to change out the toys every few days, as rabbits get bored easily.

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