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How to Write a Wag! Profile Bio that Wins Clients


You’ve signed up as a Pet Caregiver on Wag! and you’re ready to take your pet care biz to the next level. But if you’re going to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you’ll need a “pawsome” profile bio. 

The best Pet Caregiver profiles on the Wag! app are informative, engaging, and fun. They show Pet Parents who you are, what you offer, and why you’re the best person to walk, sit, board, or train their fur-baby.

So how can you write a Wag! profile bio that wins clients and wags tails? Keep reading to find out.

Before you start

Before you start writing, put yourself in a Pet Parent's shoes for a minute.

As a Pet Parent, you’re looking for a Pet Caregiver you can trust to look after your beloved fur-baby. But that person is someone you’ve never met, so what do you want to know about them? What could their Wag! profile bio tell you that would reassure you that your dog will get the best possible care? What information can they share that would put your mind at ease when it’s time to hand over the leash?

Your fur-baby means the world to you, so you’re looking for a person who is professional and trustworthy. You want them to have plenty of experience with pets, and you want them to get along well with your fur family. And if they’ve got any veterinary or training experience, even better. Of course, you also want to be able to rely on them to turn up on time and get the job done right.

Using this knowledge of what Pet Parents are looking for in a bio, it’s time to start writing.

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What to include in your Wag! profile bio

Let’s take a look at what you should include in your Wag! profile bio and why.

A bit about you

No, Pet Parents don’t want your entire life story, but they do want to know a little bit about you. Remember, you’re going to be caring for their much-loved fur-baby, and maybe even invited into their home as a pet sitter, so it’s only fair that they know who they’re dealing with. 

A little bit of a “pawsonal” touch can help you seem approachable and relatable. You might want to tell them a bit about your own pets, how you got into the pet care biz, or what you love most about caring for animals. Pet Parents want details — they want to know why they can trust you to give their pet 5-star care — so don’t be shy about sharing.

Your pet care experience and qualifications 

To be a 5-star Pet Caregiver, you need more than just a love of pets. So tell Pet Parents about the experience you have caring for dogs, cats, or other animals. 

This can include experience gained in a professional capacity — maybe you previously worked as a vet nurse or at a doggy daycare center — or any other work with animals you’ve done, such as volunteering at an animal shelter.

If you’ve got your own fur-babies, be sure to include your personal experience with animals too. It can be highly reassuring for Pet Parents to know that you’ll give their dog the same love and care you give to your own.

Finally, make sure to include any relevant qualifications you have. For example, maybe you’ve completed a pet first aid course or have earned a dog training qualification that makes you a better Pet Caregiver. 

What you provide for pets

Next, it’s important to go beyond the bare details of the services you offer. In other words, tell Pet Parents about the extra special steps you take to make sure your canine clients enjoy every second of their time with you. This will vary depending on the services you offer:

  • Dog walking. You might want to talk about your favorite neighborhoods to walk around, how you enjoy letting dogs sniff and explore at their own pace, or maybe whether you’re happy to jog with a dog. If you're happy to accommodate any special requests a Pet Parent may have, don't forget to mention this.

  • Dog boarding. If you’ll be welcoming doggy boarders into your home, share details of what your home is like, where your doggy guests will sleep and play, and what sort of games and activities you’ll include in their day.

  • Dog sitting. What will the average day involve for dogs in your care? Will you walk dogs, have fun play sessions, and administer medication?

  • Dog training. What is your dog training philosophy and what training methods do you use? Are there any particular behavior problems you specialize in solving?

  • Drop-in visits. Tell Pet Parents about all the little things you do to make Drop-ins fun and interesting for your canine clients. This could be cuddles, play time, or maybe even quick training sessions.

If you tell them how you go the extra mile for your clients, they’ll know what to expect when they leave their pets in your care. You’ll also find more useful tips on building a stronger profile in this help center guide.

What you provide for Pet Parents

It’s worth remembering being a Pet Caregiver isn't just about walking or sitting dogs. By looking after fur-babies, you offer a crucial service to Pet Parents so they can live the life they want.

As a Pet Caregiver, you help pet parents by:

  • Allowing them to work longer hours without sacrificing their pup’s need for love, exercise, and socialization.
  • Letting them get through their day, or maybe a weekend away, without worrying about their pet.
  • Giving their pet a loving home while the Pet Parent is away on vacation. 
  • Making sure that their pet with special needs stays happy and healthy.
  • Being there for their fur-baby when they can’t be.

It’s all about showing Pet Parents that you understand their situation, you know how important their pet is to them, and you’re here to help.

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Other tips to remember

Here are a few other important tips to remember when penning your Wag! profile bio:

Check for errors

Good written communication skills are vital for keeping Pet Parents up to date about their dog’s walk or sleepover. Proper punctuation and spelling also makes your profile seem a whole lot more professional, so take the time to proofread it carefully. If you're not exactly a grammar whiz, consider using a free online spellchecker to catch errors.

Mix the professional with the personal

Pet Parents want to know that you’re dependable, trustworthy, and will put their pet’s needs first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine through, so introduce yourself and share your pet care story.

Less is more

Many of the best Pet Caregiver profiles are short and sweet, so be careful not to overwhelm Pet Parents with an impenetrable wall of text. Include what’s relevant, like your pet care experience and the services you offer, and leave out the fluff, like the names and personalities of the 3 cats your grandma had when you were a kid.

Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up

You don’t want to come across as overconfident or even arrogant, but it’s OK to be honest about what you’re good at. We know this can be difficult, so you can always ask friends and family for their opinions on your main strengths.

Pair it with "pawsome" pics

OK, this tip technically isn’t about writing your profile bio, but that old cliche about a picture telling a thousand words holds true here. It’s a good idea to include 3 or more photos with your bio, and it’s essential that you take the time to include high-quality pics — this makes any profile seem a whole lot more professional.

If you could use a helping paw with this step, check out our guide to taking dog pics like a pro.

Check out the competition

Need more inspiration? Check out the bios of top Pet Caregivers in your area, or in other cities around the country. Make a note of what experience they've chosen to highlight and the words they use to describe it.

While you're free to take inspiration from other profiles, copying someone else's bio word for word will do more harm than good for your own pet care biz.

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Questions to ask when writing your Wag! profile

Once you’ve put together a first draft, read over it and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this easy to read?
  • Is it interesting, engaging, and informative? 
  • Is all the information I’ve included accurate?
  • Is there any fluff I could cut out?
  • Will anyone reading this get a taste of my personality?
  • Do I sound professional and reliable?
  • Are there any spelling or punctuation errors? (Be sure to double-check for anything you may have missed the first time.)
  • Would I be happy to trust this person to look after my pet?

Your answers to these questions will let you know if you’ve nailed it or if you’re barking up the wrong tree. Then it’s time to tweak whatever needs tweaking, upload your profile, and wait for the requests to start rolling in. 

Ready to turn your love of dogs into an income? Sign up to become a Pet Caregiver with Wag! today.

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