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7 Wag! Profile Examples to Boost Your Pet Care Biz



As a new Pet Caregiver on Wag!, you’re probably wondering what you can do to attract more clients. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, creating a memorable and informative Wag! profile is crucial.

A great Wag! profile tells Pet Parents who you are and why you’re the right person to look after their fur-baby. Even better, it does all that in the space of just a handful of sentences.

But as we all know, writing about yourself is never easy, and knowing what info to include (and what you should leave out) is a struggle. To help make things easier, we’ve found 7 great Wag! profile examples from Pet Caregivers around the country. Use them as inspiration to help you pen the “pawfect” bio for your Wag! profile.

Aro — Denver, CO

screenshot of a wag walker profile

Aro’s profile: “I worked at a doggie daycare and a canine rehabilitation center, so I have extensive experience working with dogs from all walks of life. I have befriended anxious dogs who usually fear humans and earned the acceptance of aggressive dogs. Animals tend to like me regardless of their personalities. I am as happy on a leisurely walk for a mellow dog who wants to sniff and explore as I am to tire out a dog with boundless energy.”

What we love about Aro's profile

Pet Caregiver Aro lists her pet care experience front and center. With work at doggy daycare and canine rehab centers under her belt, you know straight away that this is a walker who's spent plenty of time in the presence of pups.

We also like how Aro goes on to stress that she’s had experience working with dogs “from all walks of life.” So whether your dog is anxious or aggressive, easy-going or high energy, you can rest assured they’re in safe hands.

This is reflected in the reviews left by Aro’s clients, which commonly praise her patience, thoughtfulness, and attentiveness. And with her profile also sporting the 100 Repeat Clients badge, it’s clear she delivers on the promises she makes in her profile.

James — Jacksonville, FL

screenshot of a wag walker profile

James’ profile: “I love being outside, so I'll be happy to take your best friend wherever they want to go. I grew up with pets, I've attended dog training courses, and there's never been a time in my life when I didn't have a dog. I believe in safety first and following the rules, so I'm practiced with canine first aid and well-versed in walking guidelines. I'm pretty flexible, so if your dog has any special needs, or if there's anywhere in particular you'd like your dog to visit, just let me know.”

What we love about James' profile

Right off the bat, James explains that he loves spending time outdoors, which is “pawfect” if your pooch likes getting out and about. 

He follows it up with a rundown of his experience — not only has he completed dog training courses, but he’s got first aid experience too. Along with his safety-first approach, this provides much-needed peace of mind for Pet Parents. 

Finally, he finishes off with the welcome news that he can take a flexible approach to caring for pets. So if your pup has any special care needs or just something that makes them super excited, James is happy to help.

That’s why he’s completed 460-plus services and counting, and why he has an average rating of 4.9/5 from his happy clients.

Lindsey — Austin, TX

screenshot of a wag profile

Lindsey’s profile: “I love all animals, but I have a special place in my heart for dogs. I have been petsitting and walking dogs for over 10 years. I believe that it is important to take each dog's individual personality and preferences into account when caring for them. I enjoy all kinds of walks, from strolls around the block to lengthy hikes in the woods. I have a clownish doberman and a large, fluffy Basenji mix at home that provide me with lots of cuddling and laughs.”

What we love about Lindsey's profile

The first thing you notice in this bio is that Lindsey has over 10 years of experience as a pet sitter and dog walker. This isn’t Lindsey’s first rodeo, in other words, so she’s well versed in caring for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Next, Lindsey explains that she takes each dog’s unique personality into account, so you know your pup will get personalized care tailored to their needs. She’s happy to take lazy strolls or long hikes, and given that she’s the proud Pet Parent of 2 large dogs, it’s safe to say she’s comfortable around bigger breeds

Scroll past Lindsey’s bio and you’ll see she’s earned enough badges to make any scout proud. With 5 years of service, over 2,000 dog walks, and 1,000 miles walked, Lindsey’s profile has certainly helped generate plenty of business.

Tiffany — Seattle, WA

screenshot of a wag profile

Tiffany’s profile: “Hello! I work in veterinary shelter medicine, and I have 10+ years of experience with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. I specialize in animal safe handling and behavior. Looking forward to meeting you and your fine furry friends for lots of daily enrichment and exercise.”

What we love about Tiffany's profile

If your pet’s safety is your top priority when choosing a Pet Caregiver, you’ll love what you see in Tiffany’s bio. 

Within a couple of sentences, you know that she works in veterinary shelter medicine, she’s got heaps of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and she’s an expert at safe animal handling. So if you’re the Pet Parent of a dog that needs regular medication, needs help with some behavioral issues, or maybe has some special care needs, there are plenty of good reasons why Tiffany could be your “pawfect” match. 

And as the stats on her Wag! profile tell you, Tiffany is in very high demand. She’s completed 2,000 walks, covered over 1,000 miles, and has more than 100 repeat clients. Maybe that’s why she’s received over 500 “pawfect” 5-star ratings from appreciative Pet Parents.

Mia — Denver, CO

screenshot of a wag profile

Mia’s profile: “Hello, Doggio! I have been walking pups on Wag! since 2018, but I have been loving them all my life. As a child, I lived on a farm taking care of dogs, cats, horses, goats, and other animals! More recently I helped take care of my sister's elderly dogs to help ensure their last days were peaceful. My fun and compassionate personality will ensure your dog and I will be best friends.”

What we love about Mia's profile

Mia kicks things off with a fun intro, letting a little bit of her personality shine through straight away. Then we learn that she’s had several years’ experience as a walker with Wag!, plus she’s got a lifetime of pet care knowledge to draw upon.

The little personal story about caring for her sister’s elderly dogs, though sad, tells us that she’s a loving and compassionate person. It also lets you know that if you’ve got an older or timid dog, Mia can be a gentle and supportive friend.

Check out Mia’s reviews and you’ll see that Pet Parents commend her communication and organizational skills, particularly keeping them updated with lots of photos of their pups’ activities. Of course, they also praise her for getting on like a house on fire with their dogs. 

And with over 1,000 completed walks to her name, Mia’s profile obviously strikes a chord with Pet Parents.

Christina — Riverview, FL

screenshot of a wag profile

Christina’s profile: “Hi, my name is Chrissy! I began walking with Wag! in 2018 to put myself through real estate school, but completely fell in love with it! Selling houses and walking pups is how I earn a living, taking care of people and their pets is what I love to do. I can't wait to meet your best friend!”

What we love about Christina's profile

Sometimes the best approach is to keep things simple. Christina’s profile is one of the shortest of the 7 featured here, but it’s also highly effective. 

It starts off with a personal introduction to establish a connection with Pet Parents. Because she introduces herself as Chrissy rather than the more formal Christina, you feel like you know her a little better straight away.

We learn next about Chrissy’s pet care history and that she’s been walking with Wag! for several years. While it may have started out as a side hustle, it’s clear that she’s fallen in love with caring for pets. She then finishes her bio with a simple but personal message to potential clients, keeping it short and sweet.

Check out some reviews on Chrissy’s profile page and you’ll see she’s regularly praised by Pet Parents for going above and beyond to care for their fur-babies. Maybe that’s why she has a “pawfect” 5-star rating from over 950 reviews.

Vanessa — Houston, TX

screenshot of a wag profile

Vanessa’s profile: “I am so full of joy to be able to say that I've been working through this app & have taken care of pups (& sometimes cats lol) 2 years now. Everyday is a new experience when you meet new pups & for sure is never a dull moment. I have 2 pups of my own who go with me wherever I go except when working lol. I've been having pups & cats my entire life & I have much experience ranging from puppy - senior needs. I love what I do. 🐾”

What we love about Vanessa's profile

Vanessa’s passion for pets comes through loud and clear in her profile. This is a Pet Caregiver who simply loves being around animals, and she clearly enjoys every moment and new experience as a dog walker on the Wag! app.

We also learn that she’s a Pet Parent herself and that her fur-babies are a huge part of her life, so you know you’re dealing with an experienced pet person. Not to mention her relaxed tone and use of fun emojis make her more relatable.

Scroll down the page and you’ll see that she’s earned over 25 badges and completed more than 1,000 walks. And with an average review score of 4.9/5 from over 1,300 ratings, Vanessa’s love of pets clearly translates to high-quality pet care.

Wrapping up: Creating the perfect Pet Caregiver bio

These are just some of the many great Pet Caregiver profiles on Wag!. Hopefully they can give you the inspo you need to write a killer profile and take your pet care biz to the next level.

These Wag! profile examples show you the secrets to a successful profile.

Boost your Wag! profile by including:

  • Your professional and personal experience working with animals
  • Any special qualifications you’ve achieved or training you’ve completed
  • Your special areas of expertise, such as caring for older dogs or large breeds
  • A personal touch to help Pet Parents learn a little more about the person behind the profile
  • What you love about caring for pets

When you’re ready to start writing, check out our guide to writing a Wag! profile bio that wins clients. You'll find plenty of other useful tips in our guide to building a dog walking business.

If you’re willing to take the time to get your profile just right, you’ll soon reap the rewards as the pet care requests start rolling in. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your profile now!

Want to turn your love of dogs into a way to earn extra income? Sign up to become a dog walker or sitter with Wag! today.

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