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Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Moms (#7 Will Make You Laugh)


Did you know Mother's Day is also National Dog Mom Day? Sure, it might seem like a silly, made-up holiday. But why not celebrate the love dog mamas share with their fur-babies? After all, pet parents put a lot of effort into planning adoptions, caring for rescues, and generally looking after their four-legged children.

Want to spoil the dog mom in your life this Sunday? "Furget" cliché trinkets like mugs and socks. We've got you covered with 10 unique, quirky gift ideas for dog moms to suit every budget!

Matching collar and bracelet set

Matching dog collar and bracelet sets are a super cute way for dog moms to show off their bond with their fur-baby. They're available in just about every style, color, and material imaginable.

Dog mom coloring book

Did you know coloring is a form of meditation that soothes the "fear" center of the brain and improves sleep quality? After the year we've had, we could all use a healthy dose of R&R. You'll find coloring books made specifically for dog moms on Amazon and Etsy. Don't forget to throw in a pack of good-quality colored pencils.

Gift basket with dog wine

Thanks to dog "wine", your vino-loving amiga will never have to drink alone again! Dog wine is, of course, non-alcoholic. It's available in just about every variety, including champagne, chardonnay, and zinfandel, to name a few. Dog wine is often made from chicken broth and brewed herbs like chamomile and elderflower. Some dog wines are packed with nutrients and even have a calming effect.

The beauty of this gift is it's totally customizable. You can keep things simple with a bottle of human and dog wine. Or, go all out and customize an antipasti basket with Mom's favorite meats, cheeses, and crackers. Add some dog treats and maybe even a new ball for the "ultimutt" pup-friendly picnic.

Jewelry with her dog's birthstone

Keen to splash some cash on the pet mama in your life? A necklace or earrings with her dog's birthstone is a thoughtful keepsake. Not sure when the fur-baby's birthday is? Choose the birthstone for their "gotcha" day instead.

Dog DNA test kit

If your friend is the proud mom of a mutt, a dog DNA test is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can these tests reveal the dog's ancestry, but they can also predict behavioral traits and health conditions.

Pet portrait

Support a local artist and commission a portrait of your friend's dog. Etsy is the place to go for this gift. You'll find everything from flattering watercolors to hilarious renditions of dogs as Renaissance royalty.

Pooping dog calendar

Yes, calendars featuring pooches pooping are a thing. (Don't believe us? Google it!) Not only is this a "grrreat" gag gift for dog moms with a sense of humor, but it's also a quirky conversation piece that's sure to keep guests talking.

Doggy backpack

Is the dog mom in your life an avid outdoor adventurer? Treat her to a dog backpack so she can literally take a load off while hiking and camping with her dog! Dog backpacks are available at many online retailers and big-box pet stores. Make it extra special by filling it with smaller gifts, like a travel-sized first aid kit for dogs and a bag of treats.

If her dog has never worn a backpack before, send her our guide on how to train a dog to carry a backpack!

Custom dog Funko Pop

Funko Pop figurines are all the rage. It didn't take long for talented artists to capitalize on the trend and start selling their own Funko Pop creations. Hit up Etsy to commission a custom collectible.

Fridge magnet of her doggo

If your friend is the type who has to bring home a fridge magnet from every trip, order a magnet featuring her fur-baby's face. The "pawssibilities" are endless — you can opt for a simple photo magnet or get fancy with a magnetized wood carving of her dog's silhouette.

Show us your Dog Mom Day gifts!

That "wraps" up our guide on gift ideas for dog moms. If you gave or received any of these gifts, we'd love to see 'em! Snap some selfies of your new #dogmomgear and share them with us on Insta. Don't forget to tag #wagwalking for a chance to be featured on our feed!

From all of us here at Wag!, happy early Mother's Day to all the moms of two- and four-legged children out there!

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