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Dog Areas in Cudahy, CA

4 Parks
1 Trail
5 Shops
1 Groomer

Cudahy is a small suburban city on the south side of Los Angeles. The area is named after its founder, Michael Cudahy, who bought the original plot and resold it as 1-acre plots for farming and stable purposes in the city. Due to this, Cudahy became a popular area for farmers, thanks to its rural feel inside the urban setting. Its rural feel will also be great for the dog lovers in the area, which will provide some great grassy areas to walk and play in.

Cudahy Park is not only the biggest park in the city, but also the most beautiful thanks to its grassy lawns, shaded areas, and location right along the Los Angeles River. Dogs are allowed inside the city as long as they remain on a leash, and can enjoy features like two baseball fields, a soccer field, fenced-in tennis courts, two playground, and paved walkways. Other great amenities are provided like water fountains, clean-up stations, picnic tables, and trash bins.

Located in the center of the city, Clara Street Park provides a nice retreat from the bustling city life with lots of shade, grassy areas to run in, and a looping paved path to walk on. There's open space to play in, with scattered picnic tables, shaded sitting areas, trash bins, and water fountains available to leashed pups.

Although the closest vet is a mile away in the city of South Gate, Cudahy still provides a lovely outdoor place to walk, run, and play with your dog!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Cudahy, CA

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 19,872/sq mi

    #1 Cudahy

    The city of Cudahy is a single neighborhood community, with parks, trails, and lots of dog-friendly places. One of those dog-friendly parks is Lugo Park, a small park surrounded by rows of residential homes. The park offers a peaceful area with green space and recreational fields, such as a basketball court and soccer field. Additionally connected by paved paths are a gazebo, a playground, a pavilion, water fountains, benches, clean-up stations, and restrooms. Dogs are also welcome to the Cudahy River Park, where dogs can enjoy a scenic walk in a forested park on a paved trail with views of the river. there are benches, picnic tables, and trash bins available to humans and leashed pups.
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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 18,599/sq mi

    #2 State and Saturn

    The neighborhood of State and Saturn is a residential community with lush lawns inside the city of Huntington Park, 1 mile from Cudahy. The main park inside the neighborhood is Salt Lake Park, which boasts a vibrant lawn to play on and trail system with 1.2 miles of paved walkways. Trails connect amenities like a soccer field, two fenced-in baseball fields, a playground, a playground, a pavilion, and a skatepark. Dogs are always welcome to play in the park in the open space or walk on the paved paths as long as they remain on a leash. Additional features include water fountains, benches, clean-up stations, and nighttime lights.
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 20,282/sq mi

    #3 Fishburn

    Fishburn is a dense residential community with rows of homes and apartments in Bell, 1.3 miles from Cudahy. The park of choice for most residents and visitors is Ernest Debs Park, where there's a number of recreational fields and a large playground. Aside from fenced-in soccer fields and tennis courts, dogs can enjoy a grassy space covered in trees, with benches to sit in and water fountains to enjoy after playing. The Camp Little Bear Park is also dog-friendly, and although it has only a little green space, the park offers a largely paved walkway that's perfect for giving Fido a walk in. Leashed pups can also enjoy water fountains, benches, trash bins, and clean-up stations.

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 26,130/sq mi

    #4 Tweedy

    Tweedy is a lovely residential community and offers a nice retreat from the bustling city 1.4 miles south of Cudahy, in the city of South Gate. The main park of the city is South Gate Park, a 30-acre park that has an expansive open space, surrounded by forested plains, and recreational fields. Recreational fields include 8 baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and a basketball field. Fields are connected by a paved path that also loops around a playground, picnic area, restrooms, skatepark, amphitheater, and a pavilion. Dogs are welcome to come to play or walk inside the park as long as they remain on a leash.
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 21,065/sq mi

    #5 South Bell Gardens

    South Bell Gardens is a quiet residential community in Bell Gardens, 2 miles east of Cudahy. The most known park of the area is the Bell Gardens John Anson Ford Park, where park-goers can enjoy lush green terrain, shaded sitting areas, and a pond for fishing. Trails cover the park, extending over 1.1 miles and provides access to water fountains, covered picnic tables, a playground, a fishing pier, a soccer field, a clean-up station, benches, and trash bins. Dogs do have to remain on a leash inside the park, and can play in the open fields or take a nice walk in the trails.
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