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Dog Areas in Ozone Park

Though the name may sound like the last place you want to take your dog, don’t let that put you off. Ozone Park was originally named to lure in buyers with its fresh and crisp breeze, especially coming from the ocean. To this day, while the name itself may seem to have unpawpular connotations, the actual location is a sight to behold. While not central to the busy streets of New York City, it’s just close enough for you to enjoy all the sights and sounds and still be able to step away into suburbia when you and your pup are done exploring. 

One such attraction that you’ll find near Ozone Park is the notorious Sirius Dog Run, named after one of the search canines who lost their lives during the September Eleventh disaster. It’s a fantastic fenced-in dog run, with well-maintained pavement that will be easy on your pooch’s paws. The locals are exceedingly friendly, and the location is popular with tourists and those who call New York home. You and your fuzzy friend are bound to meet plenty of new and friendly faces, and potentially make some pals that will last you and Fido through the ages.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Ozone Park

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 110,000/sq mi

    #1 85th Street

    Mosey on over to 85th Street, a short distance away in Woodhaven, and you’ll find yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Forest Park Dog Run. A well-maintained dog park where your puppy pal can be let off leash to go dog wild, missing this little gem would be doggone crazy. With doggy waste baggies provided to keep the area nice and tidy, and a water fountain for you to fill your buddy’s bowl, all you need to bring is your pup’s favorite toys and maybe a few treats to share with Fido’s new friends. The park is separated into two sections for large and small dogs, so don’t fret if your dog is nervous around bigger animals.
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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 27,000/sq mi

    #2 West 72nd Street

    A short distance away lies West 72nd Street, a busy street that is home to West 72nd Street Dog Run. A popular location with locals, you and your pup won’t find yourselves wanting for company while you’re exploring this particular run. While perhaps not the best location for a nervous pup, the two separate areas offer plenty of room to run as well as lots of shady seating for you to rest! Bring along a picnic, or busy yourself with that latest app obsession. Your Rover will run themselves ragged while you enjoy your time in the brisk New York outdoors.
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 480/sq mi

    #3 Sands Point

    If you happen to stop by Sands Point, your dog will thank you for a long day trip at Sands Point Preserve, where you and your canine are free to hike the cliffs. For your royal rover’s more majestic moment, make your way to Sands Point Castle. Your pup is to be kept on a leash at all times; this is for the benefit of your dog’s safety as well as your own. If you keep your pup pal on a (relatively) short leash, the two of you are bound to have an adventure you won’t soon forget. Just be sure to bring plenty of water for both you and your fuzzy friend.
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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 4,108/sq mi

    #4 Glen Cove

    Keep on your path, and you’re bound to make your way to Glen Cove. A beautiful gem in the midst of the New York excitement, Glen Cove should be a definite doggy destination on your trip. Here, you’ll find Gonzalo’s American Cafe, a quaint restaurant with sumptuous food for you to sample with your pup out on their dog-friendly deck. You may even want to bring a special friend along to this lovely little location, but really, what friend is more special than your fur baby? Regardless of who tags along, no one will judge too harshly if you sneak your dog a tiny bite. How could you resist that face?
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  5. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 11,000/sq mi

    #5 Pelham Bay

    Yet another must-see location is easy to find in Pelham Bay, where you’ll find Pelham Bay Park Dog Run. One of the first dog runs built by the New York City Parks Department, this well-maintained run is near the beautiful Orchard Beach -- a pleasant treat for both you and your pup to peruse in the off-season. Even if just for a good walk, the sights you and your woofer will witness will be well worth the trip. Round off your trip with one of the many locations your doggie can take a dip -- but be sure to bring a towel to keep them nice and cozy.
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