How to Bathe a Dog at Home

15 - 30 Minutes
4 Weeks


Bathing your dog at home is a fairly simple process. The only true risk you have is getting soap all over yourself! 

Taking your dog to the groomer constantly for a simple bath can become quite expensive. When you have the skills to bathe your dog within your own home, you can keep him clean even if you have a groomer cutting his fur and nails. You can bathe your dog in your bathtub and your shower or even in your backyard with a hose if weather permits. The biggest trick to bathing your dog at home is preparation.

Dog's Perspective

Your dog might be excited about bath time if he loves water. However, many dogs don't love the idea of running water and they don't love the sound of running water in a bathtub. To quell these emotions within your dog, have the bath already running before you put him in. If you decide to bathe your dog in the shower, a handheld shower works best. This allows you to get your dog wet without spraying water all over the place and controlling not only the flow, but the splashback.

Caution & Considerations

  • No matter which method you use, always keep more than one towel on hand. You will need at least one towel to get your dog dry. You might like a towel to hold up and protect yourself from the infamous dog shake when you are done bathing your dog.
  • Be aware of soap in your dog's eyes. No one enjoys soap in their eyes, not even your dog.
  • Be careful not to get water in your dog's ears, as this may cause yeast growth and discomfort.
  • When rinsing your dog, don't forget to rinse his belly and the backs of his legs.
  • Always be sure you are cleaning his potty areas as well. This will help keep your house cleaner as well as stop bacteria or disease from spreading.
  • A towel on the bottom of your tub or shower will keep your dog from slipping and getting hurt.


Fun and fur-tastic baths at home are exciting for you and your dog. You can bathe tiny dogs in your sink, medium sized dogs in your bathtub, and large breeds in your shower with you. You'll never have to wonder what the dog dragged in when you are able to clean him at home.

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

Grooming Success Stories

3 Years

I am a professional dog groomer and groom customers dogs including my own dogs in a calm and confortable atmosphere of my own home. 1. Make sure your dog is brushed out and tangle free also that you have what you need within arms reach. 2. Use lukewarm water to wet down your dog with cup or hose attachment 3. Apply shampoo and message gently to all areas of your dog avoiding the eyes 4. lightly rinse with water then re apply shampoo to ensure hair is clean. 5. Apply conditioner (if needed) then final rinse making sure your dog is soap free and water runs clear. 6. Check ears, clean with ear solution and remove hair (if needed) 7. Towel dry as needed and blow dry with a non heated or low heat dryer.

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