How to Bathe a Dog with Ear Infections

15 - 30 Minutes
4 Weeks


If your dog has ear infections, you might be used to the constant scratching and whining or the shaking of his head. Ear infections in dogs are quite painful and cause enormous discomfort. If your dog is pawing at his ears or shaking his head quite often, he's trying to get rid of the pain and discomfort. But what do you do if your dog with an ear infection needs to have a bath? You want to avoid, of course, getting water inside your dog's ears, and you'll need to protect his ears while you're washing his head and face as well.

Dog's Perspective

Hopefully, your dog is under veterinary care for his ear infection. Until he's fully healed be aware that this area, including the space behind his ears, is going to be tender and sensitive, even around his ears. Your dog may feel a bit anxious about a bath or even being touched on his head, depending on his level of pain and discomfort.

Caution & Considerations

  • If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, call your vet right away for diagnosis and treatment.
  • There are many types of ear aches your dog may suffer from and many reasons for an ear infection.
  • If your dog has constant ear infections consider allergies, whether allergens in his environment, such as pollen or grasses, or food allergies.
  • Yeast buildup in your dog's ear can cause ear infection and discomfort. Try to keep your dog's ears dry before, after, and during bath time to avoid yeast buildup in the ear canal.
  • Wipe your dog's ear out daily with apple cider vinegar and water on a soft cloth or paper towel to prevent yeast buildup.
  • Anytime you give your dog a bath, put cotton balls just inside the ears to keep water from getting into the ear canal.
  • Some dog breeds tend to be more susceptible to ear infections than other dog breeds. Know your dog well and keep his ears dry every day to avoid yeast or bacteria build-up.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s behaviors and note sure signs of potential ear infections. Your dog may shake his head often or paw at or scratch his ears if they are bothering him.


Your dog might look like he’s dancing, but with ear infections, a head shake is common. Bathing your best friend while he has ear infections cann be tricky, but with care and avoidance of the ears while bathing, he can get clean, smell good, and have healthier ears at the same time. 

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