How to Bathe a Hyper Puppy

20 - 40 Minutes
1 Month


Bath time can be a fun new experience for a puppy, or it can be a bit intimidating. Lots of noise that includes things like running water, hair dryers, or other new feelings and sensations can make a puppy nervous or jumpy. Alternatively, your puppy may consider bath time to be loads of fun and refuse to stand still for it because he’s so excited! No matter how your puppy views his baths, it can be a bit of a struggle to get him clean if he’s moving around too much.

Dog's Perspective

Your puppy has a lot of energy to spend. There are lots of new things happening all at once! Water can be scary and shampoo might feel cold and slimy. There are any number of reasons why your pup has a hard time staying still while you’re trying to bathe him, so it’s important to be patient and help him understand that bath time can be fun!

Caution & Considerations

  • Make sure you avoid getting shampoo or soap into your puppy’s eyes! This can cause irritation, stress, and make bath time much worse later on.
  • Use puppy-safe shampoos and never try to use shampoo that is made for humans on a dog. The chemicals can be harmful to their skin. 
  • If your puppy seems highly stressed, you may want to put bath time on pause and warm him up to the feeling of the water. You don’t want this experience to be traumatic for him. 
  • If you’re bathing your puppy outside, watch out for any mud puddles in your yard! He may ruin all of your hard work by jumping out of the water and straight into the mud. 
  • Feel free to use treats or toys at any point to help adjust your puppy to the bath and to make it an enjoyable experience. Be careful that you don’t drop any treats into the water. They might dissolve! 


Taking a bath is essential for all dogs to keep them happy and healthy, so it’s important to find good ways to handle your puppy’s excitability to make bath time more bearable for both you and him. Do remember that puppies, in general, can be all over the place and are experiencing lots of things for the first time. Try not to get upset when he behaves in the way that comes naturally to him!

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