How to Brush a Dog With a Double Coat

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


Keeping a dog with double coat properly groomed can be very challenging. But, unless you plan to invest a fortune in trips to your local professional groomer, you need to learn how to brush your dog properly and keep him looking his best. Keeping your pup brushed on regular basis will also help keep your house a lot cleaner and will definitely help keep your vacuum cleaner from exploding every year or so. Consider brushing your pup's coat a great to spend personal bonding time together and make the most of it. 

Dog's Perspective

As the owner of a dog with a double coat, you are probably already aware, at least to some extent, that your pup sheds twice each and every year. During this time, your house becomes a literal sea of dog hair that gets everywhere and threatens to kill your vacuum cleaner. But taking the time to brush his hair once a week with a shedding tool and boar hair brush, you can remove the vast majority of loose hairs during this time. Your pup will love it and so will everyone else in your home. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Never pull on a mat with a brush, comb, or dull shears. This could cause your pup unnecessary pain.
  • If you see any signs of injury, take your pup to see his vet.
  • If you see any ticks or fleas, be sure to treat your pup for them and remove any ticks.
  • The shedding brush must be cleaned frequently while you are brushing your pup; it doesn't work if it's all clogged up with hair.
  • In the months between sheds, your pup may only need to be brushed once a week, but during shedding times, you may want to brush him daily or every other day at least. 


Taking the time out to brush your pup's double coat might seem a bit challenging and time-consuming at first. But, if you allow it to go too far without brushing, your pup's coat can quickly become a tangled matted mess that only a professional groomer stands a chance at being able to remove. On top of which, brushing time is a great way to bond with your dog. 

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