How to Brush a Small Dog's Tongue

5 - 10 Minutes
1 Week


Your small dog's tongue may be tiny, but it sees much of the world, including his special way of greeting other dogs. Despite popular myth, your dog's tongue is not an incredibly clean place. Your little guy's tongue is filled with odor-causing bacteria along with natural flora, which is healthy for his mouth. Every now and then, brushing your small dog's tongue is necessary to assist in maintaining good oral health as well as giving your dog a chance for better breath. Include tongue brushing in your dog’s oral health routine for a fresher mouth and healthier dog. 

Dog's Perspective

Many dogs love licking. Small dogs often tend to lick in excess. In order to make brushing your dog's tongue exciting and rewarding, you're going to need to make this task of licking fun. Don't be afraid to use food items to entice your little guy to get tongue brushing done and over with.

Caution & Considerations

  • Oral health is important for your small dog because his oral health affects his overall health.
  • Be sure to include brushing your dog's tongue in with your teeth brushing routine every now and then.
  • You can use a small dog toothbrush, a small human toothbrush, or you can look for a dog tongue brush.
  • A brush specifically made to brush your dog's tongue has bristles as well as scrapers to effectively remove bacteria from your little guy's tongue.
  • A dog tongue brush allows your little guy to brush his tongue by simply licking the rough surface.
  • Get your little guy involved in the brushing process and have him brush his tongue on a dog tongue brush or a rough surface to clean his tongue by licking instead of you opening his mouth and trying to brush his tongue manually.
  • Though you may use food on a dog toothbrush to get him to brush his tongue, do not ever use human toothpaste for any of your dog's oral health needs.
  • Turn tongue brushing into a fun task for your dog. There are a lot of unpleasant grooming tasks. This doesn't have to be one. Your little guy just needs to spend a bit of time licking a rough surface or a brush to remove bacteria every so often.


Get back to sweet puppy kisses with a healthy mouth for your little dog. Bond together over a fun time licking something tasty while doing some oral health maintenance. Brushing your small dog's tongue doesn't have to be a big task. Make it easy with simple techniques.

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