How to Clean a Dog After Daily Walk

5 - 20 Minutes
1 Day


Coco is a feisty little terrier who lives in an apartment with her owners. She needs to be clean when she comes inside, as other tenants in the apartment block will not appreciate muddy paw prints or stinky wet dog smell in the corridors. Unfortunately, true to her terrier nature, Coco loves to dig and root on walks and investigate everything disgusting along the way. When she returns from her daily walks she frequently has muddy paws and beard and is covered in sticks, grass and other debris, not to mention bacteria and germs from other dogs leavings and whatever dead critters she discovered along the way. Her owners need to clean her up before coming inside to keep their apartment clean and their neighbors happy.

Dog's Perspective

Your dog loves walks and loves sniffing all sorts of yucky things along the way--dead things, poop, plants, and bushes that have been urinated on by other dogs. While your dog doesn't seem bothered, you might be. Nobody wants to be nuzzled by their dog who they just saw sniffing poop! A bath every day may dry your dog's skin, so you may need to watch for skin irritation and find alternatives to clean your dog after his daily walk.

Caution & Considerations

  • Keep cleaning products out of your dog's eyes and mouth and avoid getting water and shampoo in your dog's ears.
  • Watch for dry skin or skin irritation from daily cleaning. Shampoos can contain harsh chemicals and even water can dry out skin if used too frequently.
  • Be careful when wiping paws not to squeeze too hard, toes can be tender.
  • Be careful not to let your dog get chilled. If it is cold and wet outside on your walk, bathe or clean with warm water and dry thoroughly.


Your dog loves his daily walks, but you may not love the mud and yuckiness he tracks back to your home. Often you can get away with cleaning and drying his paws and wiping your dog's face and bottom down to make him presentable once again. However, sometimes mud happens! If your dog is very dirty and muddy he may require a complete bath. Be prepared to give your dog a cursory clean at the door so he does not track mud and dirt through your house on the way to the tub. Dogs tend to get into bacteria and germy things on walks--you will want to wipe off his face to remove germs before cuddling up with your dog on the couch. The key is to be prepared for your dog to come back in need of some cleaning and decontamination!

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