How to Clean a Wound on a Dog's Paw

10 - 15 Minutes
1 Day


Walking around without shoes can be tough on the feet. Your dog’s paws can become dry and cracked or cut and scratched or poked and tender just from walking around your yard or around the neighborhood. If you notice a wound on your dog’s paw, he will likely be licking it often or you may notice blood or even limping. When you discover the wound on your dog’s paw you will need to get it cleaned up as soon as you can to ensure it heals quickly and properly without dirt, yeast, or infection setting in.

Dog's Perspective

If your little guy has been hurt, his paws are probably sensitive and tender. He may wince or pull away from you when you look at the paw because of the pain and discomfort. Be gentle and understanding of what he may be feeling.

Caution & Considerations

  • Be aware of conditions before letting your dog outside.
  • If you need to drop your dog off somewhere in extreme heat, consider carrying him over hot parking lots or parking near the door if he is too large to carry.
  • You can also bring mats to carry through a hot parking lot for your dog to walk on. You’ll need at least two mats to place in front of your dog as he walks forward.
  • Rinse a hot patio off with a hose before allowing your dog to walk on it.
  • Winter weather is just as hard as summer weather. Dogs love snow and playing on ice, but watch closely for signs of paw injuries because of the weather.
  • In the least, with summer and winter weather, keep your dog’s time out in hard conditions to a minimum.
  • Walk your yard every day with an awareness of glass or sticks and plant debris such as thorns that could harm your pup.
  • Be aware of chemicals in your house, garage, and yard.
  • Clean up spills quickly with your dog safely away from the mess.
  • Know what things your dog can get into while you are away. Items in your home from a fragile vase to a bottle of household cleaner can cause injury.


If your dog’s paw is wounded, you’ll need to pay close attention to the injury and try to figure out what happened so your pup can avoid it happening again. Get those feet clean and moving again with some tender loving care and first aid.

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