How to Clean a Dog's Legs

10 - 20 Minutes
1 Day


Sometimes your dog plays outside and gets dirty, but maybe he doesn’t need a whole bath. Maybe he ran through the wet grass after a good rain. Springtime grass is often a bit wet and muddy. Or what about when your dog runs through the snow and comes in smelling like a wet dog with snow-caked legs? It happens. Sometimes you only need to clean your dog’s legs. Here are some quick ways to get your little guy’s legs clean without giving him an entire bath. When the weather is warm enough, letting dirt and mud dry can make brushing easier. Otherwise, rinse that mud off quickly and get those legs clean.

Dog's Perspective

If your dog has been playing outside in the mud, in puddles of water, or in high drifts of snow, he might be cold and shaking. It might not be a good idea to give him a full bath at this time but rather only get his legs clean so you can focus on warming him up.

Caution & Considerations

  • It’s helpful to know what is on your dog’s legs. You may want to approach poop dirtying the legs a bit differently than mud or dirt.
  • If your dog’s legs are dirty, don’t feel you have to bathe his whole body. Giving too many baths often could result in dry skin. You may only need to bathe certain areas such as his legs.
  • Avoiding mess can be tough for many dogs, especially those who play outside often, but the best way to keep legs clean to is avoid messy situations such as mud puddles.
  • Keep a bin outside large enough for your dog to stand in so you can rinse and wash his legs before he comes in the house.
  • You can train your dog to wipe his paws before entering your home.
  • As long as your outdoor area is dry, you can wipe down your pup’s legs and paws with a damp cloth or wet wipe before letting him inside to contain the dirt and mess.
  • Brushing your little guy’s legs could help remove dried mud or dirt.
  • To better prepare for any weather, keep supplies near your door so you can get your dog cleaned up before letting him in.


Sometimes only legs need to be clean. Don't waste time and energy cleaning your whole dog when he's been running through mud puddles or wet grass. A quick wipe down is all you need to keep him out of the doghouse and back into your house, happy and smelling clean and fresh.

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