How to Clean Puppy's Bad Breath

5 - 10 Minutes
1 Day


Your puppy’s sweet puppy breath has changed to dog breath. It doesn’t take long for this transition to happen and for your dog to go from cute, cuddly, sweet smelling pup to stinky dog breath. His dog breath is directly related to the food he eats and everything else he chews on, along with how well you are caring for his oral health. Keeping his teeth and gums clean will help with overall puppy breath. You’ll also want to consider the foods you give him as he transitions from mother’s milk to kibble.

Dog's Perspective

Your puppy is not going to want to brush his teeth all the time. There will be moments when this puppy breath needs to be handled right away without time to waste. You can bet your puppy probably doesn’t care what his breath smells like. But he may enjoy a treat every now and then.

Caution & Considerations

  • Your puppy’s breath will likely change as he moves from milk to kibble. Even the best of kibbles won’t stop this from happening. A diet of milk is sweet, unlike a diet of kibble or regular food.
  • You can help your puppy’s breath by offering a more natural diet. Whole foods will affect his overall health which, in turn, will affect his oral health and his breath.
  • Natural foods such as carrots are hard enough to give your puppy something to chew on while chipping away at built-up tartar.
  • Training your puppy to accept tooth brushing is easier to do now when he is young rather than waiting until he is older and is used to not needing to brush.
  • If you give your puppy bones to help with teeth cleaning and better breath, be sure to give him raw bones. Cooked bones tend to split and could cause internal injury.
  • Dental treats might help freshen a puppy’s bad breath, but be sure you are choosing one meant for breath and teeth cleaning and not only teeth cleaning.
  • Your puppy’s diet is a great way to attack bad breath from the inside. Adding coconut oil and probiotics will help keep his gut healthy, which will affect his breath as well.


You might not be able to simply clean your puppy’s breath, but you can try to bring back a sweet puppy breath with some natural tricks and puppy maintenance such a tooth brushing. Adding healthy food to your pup’s diet will help create a fresher mouth. Don’t let your puppy’s breath end all those sweet puppy kisses.

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