How to Cut a Dog's Tail Hair

5 - 15 Minutes
6 Weeks


Your dog’s tail hair cannot be ignored any longer. Maybe you have a dog with a long and fluffy tail. Or maybe your dog has a short stubby tail with tufts of fur. Some beautiful dogs even have sleek tails. But they all need attention at some point, and a haircut or trim is the best way to give it the attention it needs to be gorgeous again. 

Long and fluffy tails might be the most challenging to keep cut. These tails can be maintained, brushed, cut, and even shaped to match a typical breed style or your dog’s personality.

Dog's Perspective

Your dog’s tail can be a sensitive area. If you don’t brush it regularly, it might become tangled easily. The underside of the tail could be encrusted with poop, causing pulling and tangled knots. Knowing the condition of your dog’s tail before cutting might help determine how comfortable your little guy will be.  

Caution & Considerations

  • Many owners ignore the tail with their regular grooming procedures.
  • Your pup’s tail is a great communicator. He uses it often, so be sure to care for it.
  • Research your dog’s breed to see what his tail should look like for breed standards.
  • Trimming at an arc will keep the underside of the tail trimmed while keeping the rest fluffy and beautiful. 
  • Always brush your dog’s tail before cutting to remove tangles.
  • Be sure to include brushing the tail with your daily grooming as well. 
  • Keeping up with tail maintenance will help keep it free of bothersome knots and tangles. 
  • The tailbone can be sensitive and easily injured. Be cautious of bending the tail while grooming.
  • When cutting the length of the fur at your pup’s tail tip, but sure to find the tip of the bone and skin so you know where to stop cutting. 
  • Be sure when cutting the fur on your dog’s tail to keep your scissors pointed away from his body and parallel to his skin.


The tail goes left unattended for so many dogs. Remember your pup can look furtastically amazing with a groomed tail. Brush it and cut it to your liking for a beautiful dog from head to tail.

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