How to Cut a Shaggy Dog's Hair

30 - 60 Minutes
1 Month


There is nothing more enjoyable than running your hands through Shaggy's long coat. It can be very cathartic. But if you are like many people who own a dog with a shaggy coat, you probably spend a lot of money taking him to the groomer and paying a small fortune to have them cut his hair when it gets out of control. If you are ready to break this endless cycle of trading your hard-earned cash for a freshly trimmed Shaggy, it really isn't that hard to cut a shaggy dog once you learn how. In fact, you can make it a fun time for both of you once he gets used to being trimmed. 

Dog's Perspective

To be honest, Shaggy likes his long coat and truly couldn't care less how long it gets. But, if you allow it to grow too long, it can become matted and filled with burrs, debris, fleas, and ticks, which can lead to serious health issues. The goal is to work with Shaggy rather than against him as you attempt to bring that crazy mess under control. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Never use any kind of product made for use on humans on Cody as they contain toxic ingredients that may harm him. 
  • Be sure the blades of your shears are sharp, or they may rip hair out of Cody's skin. 
  • Be sure you are using safety shears with rounded tips to avoid injuring Cody.
  •  Be sure the blade on your clippers is sharp to avoid snagging his hair. If you're inexperienced with clippers, practice on something else first to prevent mistakes or accidents from occuring. 
  • Lubricate the blades on your clipper frequently to keep them from getting hot enough to burn Cody.
  • If you use a grooming table, be sure to use the safety restraints. Never tie your dog up somewhere with his leash without adequate safety measures, as he can leap off and injure himself otherwise. 
  • Never be afraid to take breaks and give Cody treats along the way. Grooming should be a relaxed and calm event, so do be sure to not rush through the process in order to get it done quickly. 


Cutting and trimming a dog with really long hair can be challenging and it is going to take you a fair amount of time. Be patient, working at Cody's pace, and it won't take long before both of you are quite comfortable with the whole process. Just remember: patience is key to a successful grooming session.

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