How to Cut Dog Hair in Ears

10 - 25 Minutes
6 Weeks


Trimming hair in your dog's ears can be quite a big task. But you can cut the hair on your dog's ears with a short pair of sharp scissors. You can also clip this fur in his ears with a small set of trimming shears or trimming clippers. Many dog groomers will pluck the hair in your dog's ears by small sections. Some dog owners don't like to do this for fear of harming their dog in a sensitive area and opt to use scissors or clippers. Your dog’s ears will look tidy and clean with the hair in the ears cut. A tidy ear also stays cleaner and healthier. 

Dog's Perspective

Anytime you have scissors or a set of clippers near your dog's ears you're going to need to pay close attention to your dog and keep his head as still as you possibly can. You don't want your dog jerking his head to one side or another causing the scissors to injure his face or inside his ears.

Caution & Considerations

  •  Many dog owners do not wish to pluck the hair in their dog's ears as it may be painful for the dog.
  • Some dog owners and groomers argue plucking opens pores and follicles, creating the possibility for bacterial growth and potential infections.
  • Trimming your dog's ear hair with scissors or clippers is easy to do. Just be sure you are keeping your dog safe by controlling his head movements.
  • No matter how you cut your dog's ear hair, you want the passage to his ear canal to be as clear as possible.
  • Ears that are dirty with a bad odor need to be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Have your veterinarian check your dog's ears if they are red, swollen, or particularly dirty.
  • Keeping your dog's ear hair clipped or cut will help keep the ear canal clean of debris and bacteria that may cause infection
  • Anytime you cut the hair in your dog's ears, be sure to wipe out the ear canal with a clean a wet cloth or paper towel to remove any loose hair before it enters the ear canal.
  • Apple cider vinegar and water is a good wash for wiping down the inside of your dog's ear.
  • Avoid placing anything in your dog's ear further than your eye can see.


Cutting the hair in your dog's ears gives him a dapper and tidy look. But don't let this pretty pooch look fool you. Keeping on top of long ear hair is also important for the overall health of your pup's ears. Give your dog clean ears free of debris and odors so he can hear your commands and be the best companion ever.

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