How to Give a Dog a Facial

10 - 30 Minutes
4 Months


If you're going to do something special for your dog to not only make him feel good but also improve his overall appearance and health of his skin and fur along his face, give him a facial. There are many ingredients you can use to pamper your buddy with a facial to improve skin and massage their faces, as well as remove tear stains. Even with your regular dog shampoo and water, you can give your dog a facial that will feel good and make him look brighter.

Dog's Perspective

Your pampered pup maybe a little apprehensive about you being really close to his face, especially with shampoo. Make this fun for your dog as well rewarding for him. Starting your facial with a nice massage and ending the treatment with a delicious treat will certainly help ease any of your dog's anxieties.

Caution & Considerations

  • There are many products on the market you can buy to give your dog a facial and then include natural ingredients such as blueberries.
  • You can also use your normal shampoo on your dog's face when giving a facial.
  • Making a special facial product specifically for your dog from home is easy by mixing blueberries and oats together. You can also use other ingredients such as baking soda and oil.
  • A toothbrush works well at getting small areas around your dog's ears or eyes, especially for tear stains.
  • Be sure to brush out any food crumbs or debris from your dog's beard before you wash the fur.
  • Include special facial time with your dog in an entire spa treatment day.
  • Though a facial is not a necessary part of grooming, it does help get certain small areas of your dog's face cleaner and healthier while increasing the bond between the two of you. Even pooches love to be pampered.
  • If your dog is struggling with the length of time it takes to give a facial, be sure to offer him a treat midway through. A good time to do this would be before you rinse the facial product off his fur.


Love your pampered pooch even more by offering him a natural facial with products high in antioxidants and good stuff for your pup's skin and fur. Earn a round of a-paws from your pampered pooch by giving him a best of show treatment with a yummy and soothing facial.

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